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  1. auto reboot while copying files to SD card happening while copying large files.
  2. @H3ROS I have an issue with 3g network though i am able to connect to 3g network but unfortunately i am not able to receive 3g packets but 2g is working fine. but in stock rom i can able to surf 3g too. Uing your rom with moddingg33k stock kernel. now i am testing slim rom and will check whether 3g is working fine or not i will let you know soon.
  3. @fonz93 thanks for your repack b209 rom its really good.
  4. @fonz93 oh ok thank you for letting me know this.
  5. @moddingg33k using alogcat app it displays the following errors what is these are they normal ? or something mysterious i hope it may be useful to you. --------- beginning of /dev/log/main E/Trace (17392): error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2) W/dalvikvm(17392): Refusing to reopen boot DEX '/system/framework/hwframework.jar' W/System.err(17392): Invalid int: "" E/Trace (17439): error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2) W/dalvikvm(17439): Refusing to reopen boot DEX '/system/framework/hwframework.jar' W/System.err(17439): Invalid int: ""
  6. @moddingg33k its happening like after finished attending a call i mean after finishing to talking some one and turning off phone then its going to deep sleep mode even hard pressing power button is not helping it walking up like after 15 secs etc it happend today also.Some times forcing me to remove battery and restart phone and one more thing is battery percentage is not displaying properly some times it displaying 30% then after some time rebooting phone its displaying 50 % etc . I will let you know if i face more problems i am confusing it is my phone or kernel problem or stock rom problem.
  7. @moddingg33k today i experienced deep sleep issue happened twice using stock rom b209 repack by fonz and kernel 3.4.0 synap 17-aug-2014 stable can you please look into this issue Thanks in advance.
  8. @ShockeyCz Can you please explain me how to unpack and repack huawei stock roms i want to repack b175 india channel rom i am very glad to you if you explain me provide me valid links . Thanks in advance and your repack is awesome.
  9. @moddingg33k yup its fine now i am able to connect to viber after hard resetting my phone every thing else fine but i feel a very little bit lag issues in gaming once the lag gone the game runs smooth. ( tested on subway surfers and heroes of camelot ) battery depleting way fast while playing this heroes of camelot game.
  10. @moddingg33k I found an issue with viber i am testing your experimental test kernel build i am not able to connect to viber network. presently i am on AOSP MOD by H3ROS can you please check this i have to check the rest of the things like gaming stuff streaming etc once i done i will post the results.
  11. http://huawei-y300.tumblr.com/post/47366836617/how-to-unlock-and-root-huawei-ascend-y300-all check above link
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