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  1. Try all of them... More features with Miui rom. Try all of them and you will decide which one covers your needs.
  2. Miui V5 ... http://d-h.st/CBr XperiaBladeV ... https://m.sendspace.com/file/6srwvg JellyBladeV ... http://d-h.st/2TO
  3. Only with Jellybean roms you can have front camera. Roms you can use are , JellyBladeV and XperiaBladeV.
  4. No further updates. All kitkat roms updated at post #162 and at first post.
  5. Sorry but there is no solution on this. The best battery life on kitkat roms are with Nameless and Slimkat.
  6. It can't be changed now , it needs lot of job and i don't have this phone anymore.
  7. First time i heard that and i can understand what exactly is your problem. What do you mean reduced , check the content of your sd card , maybe you add a folder or something you download. You mean if you flash other rom , your sd card space will increased again ???? Maybe you confused the internal memory with external. Open root explorer please , scroll down and go to folder "storage" , open it and take a screenshot. Then , go back again and a little higher you'll see a folder "sdcard" , open it and take a screenshot. Upload both screenshots to see them please.
  8. Actually all cm11 roms has some more battery drain. Nameless and Slimkat seems to me that are more friendly to battery.
  9. CM11 KKbladeV - v4 Changelog No fix needed , sim card works at first boot. DOWNLOAD CM11 KKbladeV-v4 http://www.mediafire.com/download/tppg1ciz5zgs3ml/CM11_KKbladeV-v4.zip ENJOY CM11 on BladeV !!! OTHER CM11 Based ROMS All CM11 based roms will be hosted in this topic. New download links for all CM11 based roms. 1. LiquidSmooth_KKbladeV http://www.mediafire.com/download/j57f1bz87fmn6ns/LiquidSmooth_KKbladeV.zip 2. NameLess_KKbladeV http://www.mediafire.com/download/t21shp8axnsd415/NameLess_KKbladeV.zip 3. PacRom_KKbladeV Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/mnmdpht9um69npt/PacRom_KKbladeV.zip 4. SlimKat_KKbladeV Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/ma8uvcr02yq7buy/SlimKat_KKbladeV.zip
  10. Sd card works fine. Front camera and fm is not working , if you read first post you will understand. Try some other rom if you want everything to work. All cm11 based roms have the same bugs. Well done for installing cwm by the way !!!
  11. Copy the cwm recovery file in both cards ( external and internal ) and try again , just write the code correctly and you will not having problems. Open terminal emulator. Write , su ( hit enter )... Then write , dd if=/sdcard/recovery-cwm6036-8225.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.3/by-num/p16 ( hit enter and it will be done in a minute ) Just remember to rename the cwm image as you saw in code ( cwm6036-8225.img ).
  12. Ok , install terminal emulator from playstore and follow the procedure at the end of KonstaT topic for cwm. In a minute you will install cwm recovery to your phone.
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