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  1. Update: I mange to get into recovery but its the stock recovery and i cant adb push pull or flash anything
  2. Just another note. I got flash tools for sony as well. It running stock kitkat. And using CWM from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2746407
  3. Just got my new sony Xperia M2 today. So I do what I do. Root it install CWM ext. But i didn't like the boot animation. so i flashed a flashable for cm11 boot animation. Using CWM. But on boot up it lights up and then dims again. (bootloop basicly). I can get it into fastboot but just not recovery. I tried to flash the boot.img agian but no hope. I can't get into adb or recovery. If i go back to carphone warehouse would they believe me and give me a new phone? Note: I Just opened the flashable and it contains boot animation for 1080p (this phone is only 540p) would this cause problems? Please reply asap :)
  4. Sorry for late reply, i've tried it but no hope. When I push vol up and down and then power. It boots into a purple screen. Nothing else. Theres no splash befor that but a slight vibration. But that shouldn't stop you trying. I got a new phone now (Xperia M2) and kinda feel bad for my G300 as I gave up on it ;,;
  5. :/ well I guess at this stage all there is is to do install a custom ROM. Since I think (i may be wrong) that your system files are messed up and really should do a total wipe and reinstall everything via ADB since we don't know what the problem is. if you don't know what adb is please don't mess around with it, i say it's a lifesaver and a lifetaker at the same time
  6. overclocking or another rom really, i don't know any others
  7. i don't think you can downgrade, from what i remember you needed a "middle package" which allows your phone to accept the downgrade at all. Then you need to flash the GB stock rom. When i did it "back in the days" it didn't work so i had to look for other solutions but this looks full of promise :[http://www.modaco.com/topic/366111-ics-403-to-23-gb-official-downgrading/] but if all fails you might need to flash a custom rom, popular ones are Cyanogenmod, but i like GBXtreme by Cyan31 (insert hate comments here)
  8. i would recommend a factory reset and re-rooting. Can you tell me how you rooted it? Links if possible
  9. I recently tried to flash TWRP on my G300 and it failed, leaving me with no recovery for some reason. So I tried to reinstall CWM with a pre packed file. It was a "command prompt" and popped up sent the file over to my phone and automatic rebooted it. In the Prompt it had no errors and was all working fine. But when rebooted it showed the Huawei logo and vibrated, the screen went blank and showed the logo and vibrated again. Therefore trapping me in a boot loop :/ EXTRA INFO: -Rom: http://www.modaco.com/topic/368846-romgb-b895-gbxtreme-rom-%E2%9C%B029032014%E2%9C%B0-multibaseband/ -Has a SD card that can connect to pc to transfer files if needed -Has knowledge of ADB and Fastboot -Can't get into recovery or bootloader just loops :/
  10. So I smashed the screen on my g300 and called support. And they said I'll need to send it in and get it repaired. But they said I'm going to have to pay for it anyway (I still have warrenty as long as I unroot it before I send it off) so would it matter what rom I have or if it's rooted. I really can't be bothered to reroot and do all the bandwidth BS again so I can use my phone. I've made a nandroid backup anyway so if all else fails I guess I'll have to. I just want to know anyone got any expriance of anything like this. Basically : should I unroot it?
  11. Hello! i have found a solution for they lock screen! This allows you to disable the current one and install your own one! It might not work for you depending one the lock screen you use. If you just want to get ride of the lock screen try these: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.jraf.android.nolock https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.futonredemption.nokeyguard But if you want to have a different screen like me, follow these steps 1) You'll first need a lock screen that you want to install 2) Download ROM tool-box (you can do it without it but it's easier) lite:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.liberty.toolbox pro:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.liberty.toolboxpro 3) navigate to the "performance" area 4) And you'll want to go to the Build.prop.editor 5) scroll down until you find ro.config.hw_lockscreen 6)Change this to false and also change _lockscreen_tips to false (don't reboot device if it asks you) 7)Download one of the lock screen "deleter" 8)Install the custom lock screen of your choice (i used: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ginlemon.futura) 9)Reboot device 10)You'll see the "default" lockscreen when you reboot it, but if you unlock it and it shows the costom one you have done it 11)Try locking your screen and turn it on again, if it doesn't work: -try resetting the build.editor and reboot when it asks you to -try a different lockscreen -try rebooting your device again -try installing the lockscreen/no lock again -try installing them in different order BTW: sorry for the weird colours on the screenshot, i did try using a different screenshot app but that didn't work :/
  12. yeah thats what i'm talking about, Insert funny meme that had to be removed here
  13. Hello Kyan! I just installed this and I can already see a difference, i have about 250mb of free ram after i clear it out. anyway i got annoyed at the lock screen as i have to keep "unlocking" it even it provide zero security. So can you remove it? if not here's my current solution (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.jraf.android.nolock) works pretty nice but it doesn't work at boot up. and MOST importantly i want to install a custom lock screen. as the current app i use disables both lock screens and if i enable it it enables both so i have to unlock it twice :/ thanks in advance
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