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  1. Hi chil360, great rom.we are so thankful and humbled for you bringing Lollipop to our phone, a kind request..could you please continue F-ASOP left by fonz93 alongside slimLP please. Thank you
  2. Chil360 please make messaging app material...
  3. This ROM is awesome, only that it is more of stock and two apps(Messanging&Gallery) are not on lollipop platforms rather kitkat.
  4. Fonz93, that ad thing only happens on the phone but not on pc... I support you on the ads.. why don't you try adfly.. its good coz you skip ad and it directs to the required site. For me am comfy with ads coz you have to earn.. thanks for the good work bro. we are humbled.
  5. I liked devhost alot, we in Kenya do download it very fast on devhost. thank you
  6. Chil360 is slim sources out... waiting for slimLP 5.1...currently using cm12.1 by fonz93 and its awesome. thanks to you, fonz93 and luca020400 very much for bringing lollipop to our device. I SALUTE YOU!
  7. Fonz93 thanks very much for the rom, it's so awesome.. just check on the issue of call delay on incoming calls and pop up of incall interface when making a call. thanks
  8. Just asking... did dazzozo dump our device?
  9. for me devhost&gdrive are good, no breaking up of zip file like in basketbuild. I am in Kenya
  10. Chil360 kindly upload to devhost and gdrive... don't upload on basketbuild
  11. For me most part of the rom works except Mobile data which I depend on it the most, hope chil manage to fix it asap
  12. I want take this opportunity to thank chil for his great work, humility & dedication. i am so humbled. Mobile data not working but am happy with lollipop on our device
  13. stevelexx

    [ROM] [ALL] [KK] CarbonRom [4.4.4]

    the zip file i downloaded twice had framework-res.apk being corrupted, so if you share only that i wil add to the zip and flash. my email is [email protected]
  14. stevelexx

    [ROM] [ALL] [KK] CarbonRom [4.4.4]

    luca if you can kindly help me framework-res.apk only of this rom.. thank you

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