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  1. Could you please upload a build of the " fixed: chil360-kernel-MM 3.4.110 + toolchain GCC 4.8 " kernel IMG so that I can install the latest CAF build for Y300-0100 with no bugs in wifi uploading ?
  2. Read the next comment please, excuse me for this empty comment.
  3. adeii you're unstoppable!!!!!!!Thank you very much for your endless support!!!!Unfortunately I don't know if I will ever test this rom,but if I wiil I will let you know as much as possible about my experience!
  4. Micky007

    Constant restarts

    Try CM10.1(Android 4.2.2) by Fonz93 or AOSP MOD by H3ros(B209-Stock based)(Android 4.1.1) or the modded SlimKat version by adeii(Android 4.4.4) you can find the last one in the last SlimKat thread page.
  5. Maybe it could be used only on EMUI roms(official stock huawei roms) or maybe it's made for another android version more recent than kitkat
  6. Does this rom use Nokia X Libraries like CM10.1 by fonz93 or the one by srfarias?
  7. I only know how to unpack/repack recovery image, do you think it could be useful to replace /sbin content with the /system/xbin one from another rom where I installed my favourite busybox in order to fix the reboot options bugs?
  8. Zram Why is zram better than swap in cache/system?Is it better than swap in /data and /system and /cache too?
  9. Excuse me Sir,can this work on AOSP_MOD by h3ros which is based B209?
  10. Hey guys,I think this rom is the best for battery,smoothness, and feature but there isn't HOVER,could you add it,or can you create a flashable zip,I only think,but don't know how, it won't be too difficult to add hover, because if Mahdi is based on LiquidSmooth(where there's HOVER) you could port that badword feature, please this rom won't be perfect for me. Hey ragazzi,penso che questa rom è la migliore per la batteria,fluidità e funzionalita ma non c'è HOVER,potresti aggiungerlo,o potresti creare uno zip flashabile,penso solamente,ma non so come che non sarà troppo difficile aggiungere hover,perchè se la Mahdi è basata sulla LiquidSmooth(dove c'è HOVER),tu potresti portare quella maledetta funzione,ti prego questa rom non potrà essere perfetta per me senza HOVER.
  11. Can I use a 512 mb ram swap in internal_sd?
  12. Excuse me, but why the MIUIv5 by az1051495 is sorted as a 4.1.x rom, it 's a 4.4.4 rom.Please can you correct? I'm italian,please excuse me if my english is bad
  13. Hey guys, what color must the screen be to debrick as moddingg33k sad? P.S:If I keep pressed volume-down and I try other hard-key combinations it boot always to blue screen only if I keep pressed volume+ and volume- down at the same time for a minimum of 10 seconds it skips the wind bootlogo and boot to a violet/pink screen
  14. I tried to do what you told me moddingg33k but when I plug in the devices windows 7 beep as when i plug in something but if I type fastboot devices it doesn't find anything. What have I to do?Here's a screenshoot of devices manager https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99tQMKJp1F3Ty04YVoxVFBvRFE/edit?usp=sharing P.S:I'm using an Italian Huawei Ascend Y300-0100.Can we make an update.app of the fusionx?
  15. Thanks to moddingg33k;Romagnolo 1973;wbrambley;MasterRck because you react to my disperate request of Help!!!!Now I will do what you posted and I hope it will function!!

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