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  1. Can someone upload that flashable zip for the brightness slider?
  2. Using whole day, and well here we go : Indeed very stable ROM, i like it soo much. Yeah Music ap is bugged kinda, but it doesn't bother me... - Wifi sometimes goes down... - Deep sleep problem ( need to press several times to wake it up... ) not big deal atleast for me.. - When Browsing from stock browser its laggy kinda... - Battery is ok? i guess.. like on KK i think, maybe i'm wrong... -If is possible to add Screenshot option without using any apps would be grateful... Anything else is great actually, stable, had only one reboot ( don't care ) no biggie... Great, keep it up. One quick question : is it possible to add percentage?
  3. When becomes available, could you make Android L look to this rom?
  4. Why in facebook messenger i can't get notifications and sounds when someone text me.... i need to enter application always to check messeges -.-... its annoying kinda, any solution? why i cant get messeges in background
  5. I removed whole extra01 file?, or i needed just to remove some line, cuz i got lame sd card..?
  6. Is it good to keep zRAM (18%) on or off?, does affect battery life?
  7. With that flashable fix now its even faster :O.... my sd card is class 4 so it helped alot.
  8. Is it possible ti put blacklist option in ROm? for calls..
  9. Best ROM for this phone, period. Everything works just awesome, no lagg, nothing, just perfection.
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