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  1. Still using 21/6 rom and chil360 v42. Upgraded to chil360 v43 kernel but then apps started to crash and fail so i went back to v42. Just sayin that there is no use to update the phone now. cuz it just badword things up xD. So 21/6 rom + chil360 v42 best flawless combo on y300 ;).
  2. Still have not encounter any issue with the 21st nightly and chil360 42 kernel + some addons. Can someone tell me why i should upgrade now? xd where is the changelog anyway. Feels waste to update the phone everyday lol. When it feels stable as hell now :P I just read lots of problem here when you guys update all the time ;)
  3. I have 21-06 nightly with the full 4.4.4 gapps, chil360 kernel 42 and camera, Google service/games, keyboard + emoji addons. Had no problem so far with the phone :)
  4. Yes, but when i installed the 2.7 i had like 2.3 cuz i follow some old guide. So i did not know what version that worked or dont work. Only that 2.3 dont and if he have this or older he will get the latest anyway. So im not telling lies, just helping him get it to work easiest way possible ;) You should always have the latest!! or some day s*** like this will happen ;) BTW! 2.7 is recommended for kitkat roms.
  5. You need TWRP V. or later. I had same problem before. You can upgrade with the GooManager app!. To upgrade you open app -> accept root access -> press option key (the third touch key on ur phone) -> install OpenRecoveryScript -> accept everything and then it will download and install. If i dont download just try again til it works! it can be little annoying ! Hope this help you :)
  6. That english man, i dont even know what you are looking for :/. I really want to help u tho!
  7. Is there anyway to overclock this phone? please tell me if you know. :)
  8. Latest rom + chil360 v0.42 works flawless! just sayin! Here you can download the kernel! https://mega.co.nz/#!9VZjjR7R!4WSjTh8knzRrSbxeNjBkAkmF3zrav4YzXSD0ebtljUw And for Synopsis kernel if you really want that instead! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/p68jxndfkd38f/Synopsis_Kernel_CM#8wmsqyjclumfo
  9. Synopsis or chil360 kernel ? I want the best one :P Well I tested Synopsis and twitch did not work at all. Blackscreen!, with chil360 kernel twitch app works with medium setting and you get 405 free ram. So I guess I will stay with chil360 kernel then. :) Keep up the good work tho!!
  10. Tried Chil360 kernel but my phone badword and i had to reinstall everything! Edit: Had the wrong chil360 kernel!
  11. Is there any stable rom!? even slimkat rom feels more stable :/, but i like Cynogenmod better > :( Edit: This rom feels and works better now! Keep up the good work!
  12. Got some random reboots after playin candy crush. An other issue is when i locked my phone, it got stuck and i had to take out the battery cuz nothing happen when i tried to unlock it again :S, was all black and not off or anything. Edit: All good with chil360 kernel!

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