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  1. that patch is working great on dual sim......is this patch already merged in official cm code? also will that patch work on roms which are not based on cm and lacking dual sim support?
  2. Ok...last ques...cant we have dual sim functionality on kitkat bootloader temperorily? :D
  3. Oh so u mean to say that if we are on lollipop baseband (dual sim) then if we flash cm12 then both sims will work??
  4. Well that doesnt seems to fix the dual sim cimpletely....its still not working as stated by ethan chen... But moto g 2014 users fixed their rill and dual sim was working by default....
  5. Hey konstaT.....moto g 2014 has working dual sim in cm12....hope u can find something interesting
  6. Waiting for new build....also is there any progress on dual sim?
  7. that patch fixed it ....thanks...
  8. Let me test that and report back
  9. Droider007

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    good for dual sim users? http://www.gsmarena.com/spice_fire_one_mifx_1_is_a_firefox_os_smartphone_for_38-news-9449.php
  10. Droider007

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    what project sir.....plzz tell us....is it something different and unique??
  11. Droider007

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    well its not working........same problem and when i tried to take the command in adb it said access denied...... i remember dhacker having dual sim model.....maybe he can help.....
  12. Droider007

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    both slim slots showing but there is no network........its saying sim card not ready......and airplane mode not working
  13. Droider007

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    downloading and will test it.....
  14. Droider007

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    Yes we can do that.....anyways waiting for camera fix......and grt work..!!

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