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  1. After removing Clean Master from the Y300 it works normal again.

  2. Installed this rom and it works very good. One thing, when phone goes to sleep while connected to wifi, wifi shuts down and the phone connects to 3G. Advanced Wifi settings are set to Keep wifi on in sleep (don't know exact menu name in Eng), in Mobile Settings Network is set to 2G and roaming is disabled. How can I prevent auto-connect to 3G or disable 3G altogether. Thanks.
  3. Development for this rom ended over 6 months ago, is it safe to use what with security updates missing? SlimLP Beta 0.3 looks promising but is still unstable.
  4. Thanks chil360! :) Hope 8.1 solves reboots whenever dowloading a file over 500 kb or pages with flash. Orbot could be the culprit. Is it possible a clean install without losing all settings, e-mail, etc.? Looking for a backup app for dummies.
  5.     Thanks. How to download, when selecting it opens the directory :S
  6. Arghh after 7.2 constant reboots in Fdroid, Aptoide and webpages that contain flash. Went back to 7.2 but the problem persists. I update and clear the caches in CWM 6.0.5. Are there other things to solve this other than wiping the whole storage? ​Other than that slimkat is more responsive than CM11.
  7. Web pages with flash and downloads in Fdroid and owncloud result in reboots in version 7.4. Think i'll rollback to 7.2. ​
  8. In Orbot wizard, selecting the option Proxy all apps through tor seems to disable all network connections, including Orweb. If instead Select individual apps for Tor is selected, Orweb goes online. Does Proxy all apps through Tor work in Slimkat ? Thanks for this great and speedy fork ! :D Edit: Disabling the init-script in OrWall solved the issue.
  9. Generally happy with this google-free fork. With no downloads in the background or several apps open or music player it's very responsive. this is in encryption mode. Some noob end user feedback for the nightly. New since last week - YMMV; - GPS now works with Navfree. - sometimes reboots when downloading the nightly. Download continues where it stopped and nightly continues to install ok - when not in use i.e. screen off and idling, cm11 reboots 3-4 times a week just like that. - A persistent bug, in all browsers used images are often partially transparent. Viewing the page at 100% shows the image correctly about half the time. Getting used to broken images but come on, i'm not switching to a text browser ;0 - improved AnTuTu score of 6788 (was 6555) and 'Benchmark & Tuning' score of 3812 (was 3680) between Sony ST25i and Sony Tablet S:3901 edit: using the Huawei Y300-0100
  10. Is there any perspective on GPS functionality? The only thing i'm missing, otherwise happy end user.
  11. Thanks for developing for the Y300, cm 11is cool stuff. Encryption mode works well. AnTuTu score is 6555 and Benchmark & Tuning 3680 (between Sony MT27i and LG-P990) here. One thing i encoutner is a large white block in images every few images. Seems to be since last week nightlies. Is it me or a bug? Also the top of the screen swipe for changing brightness setting was disabled. Can't find the settings anymore.
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for this great fork, it runs great. one thing i'm running into is when selecting the Encrypt option in Security, it says 'You need to set a lock screeen PIN or password before you can start encryption'. I have set a pin number and rebooted. has anyone used this option succesfully?
  13. Yes, this works. I filled the form for my Huawei Y300-0100 and the unlock code is displayed instantly http://en.club.vmall.com/emotiondownload.php?mod=unlock&action=pre
  14. Thanks for this :D Great stuff. The novalaunch 1.1 rom and b196 update installed with TWRP 2.5.1 without a problem. System runs well.
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