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  1. hello Does anyone know a softphone software for windows mobile 5 for the qtek 9100?i am trying to find one and i cant.And will it work through wifi? thank you.
  2. Hello, what mp3 player is good guys? i am looking for a mp3 player similar to winamp(functions) from the pc. -looks good -equalizer -visualisation if possible. thank you.
  3. hello, what is the best program to use for themes for my mobile? i just installed animated today,and i would like to know mabey there is a better one? thank you.
  4. hello, how can i format the sd card with the qtek s100? thank you.
  5. hello, as the topic says, can i connect to the net with internet explorer from my s100 with my dsl connection with a usb cable?
  6. hello how can i play the mp4 files made by the mobile on the pc? i have downloaded some codecs but i have video with no sound. any help? thank you.
  7. hello, i have the qtek s100,and i dont know how to install programs to the sd card? any help? thank you.
  8. hello, i have just got my s100.great phone compared to qtek 8080. i already installed betaplayer(if u guys know a better player tell me),and a video 9 minuts whitch is 50MB(compressed with divx,320x240,780kbps,32kb mp3) it works great and looks good.but mabey i could lower the qualities,and still look good. i would appriciate if someone tells me good settings to use with vituraldub. thank you.
  9. hello, i will really appriciate any help in this subject. i recently had the qtek 8080(aka E200),it was my first smartphone,and it was simply great. I really liked the viriety of programs and games whitch it had,i loved the divx movies whitch it can play,and many more things whitch makes me like the smartphone. I notice that there is also pocket pc's, whitch mostly i like is there big screen,and possibly a better proccessor,but basicly i just want it for the big screen. So i am asking you guys(because i dont know the capabilities of pocket pc) is pocket pc's better than the smartphone? i am not looking for size.it doesnt bother me that pocket pc is bigger. Also i would like to know,with pocket pc's can i do ALL the stuff i was able to do with smartphones?(variety of programs,divx,etc) thank you.
  10. i am using betaplayer version UNSTABLE.0.094 the word UNSTABLE is on the version name. i will wait for any results.
  11. hello i have the qtek 8080(aka e200) and i am converting movies with vitural dub with the following settings: video: resolusion:176x220 rotate: 90 compression: divx 5.2.1 bitrate :110 frame rate: decimate by 3, or conversion to 30 fps. audio: compression: mpIII 16000hz mono 2kb/sec i use Betaplayer. the problem is that the video freezes every 5-10 minuts for like a few seconds,but the audio plays normally, and after the freeze the movie continues to play normally. i wanted to ask, is this some kind of problem with my configuration or everyone has this problem? thank you.
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