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  1. Did you solve your problem ? found any solution ?
  2. Hi there I have done all of the tricks and am still stuck at dell logo I used streakflasher it run well via de qualcomm 9002 driver, I then tried the qdltool from the repairtool package and it fails at waiting for ADB I checked both the phone and the device manager at computer and there is no sign of Fastboot mode entering or connection. so it looks like the streakflasher is not flashing properly the fastboor/recovery stuff. it is a black dell I was thinking if the internal microsd could be damaged in someway, is there any way to fix this ? is it replaceable by anotehr microsd\? I have lot of 2GB microsd but I dont know if special partitions has to be created into the card before putting it into the phone. any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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