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  1. oh means we stll need to press any buttions to activte the screen to see if we got any miss call sms and check time
  2. need advice in xphone2 btw xphone2 when u on stand by its just a black screen right? anyway to display a time or missed sms or calls? got any s/w or ways to make it so when r u on standby mode it will display time date and incoming or missed sms or calls? __________________
  3. does it works for xphone series like xphone2? the theme u got looks great wit hthose cool layout amd settings
  4. [i saw the theme u make go a tabbing function is tat a new function or s/w? or it alrady have been made in the mac OS theme file i just install it and it will be appear? as i am not using a phillpines smartphone i am from Singapore using a xphone2
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