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  1. What format is it in exe or .c .h or something else? maybe it needs compiled somehow?
  2. admanirv

    Screen resolution and virgin sim card

    Thank you. Ah thats good I'm moving from 3 to virgin mobile and without being able to unlock i was concerned it wouldn't work. Looks like we'll never get an unlocked bootloader :( Is it the same cpu thats in a netbook?
  3. Hi, Unfortunately i think i may have a signal problem with my galaxy S3 so i cant afford to get a new one which leads me to this phone. How is the sharpness and resolution of the screen, is it say much worse than my S3 or not far behind? And will a virgin monthly sim car work in the phone as i see there are no unlocking tools available nor a boot unlocker :( Probably a deal breaker for me which seems a great phone for the price. Good to see flibblesan nad ricky watt about too. It also seems there's not much modding of the overall system to make it better?
  4. Anyone tried an atrix
  5. Interesting can you use multiple displays on torque on ONE screen, or do you just swipe across to the next one?
  6. admanirv

    UMA Signal Boost Flashable ZIP?

    Does it work for tmobile as they are the same company now? Cheers
  7. I used to have a vivacity - its looks like a cheap dodgy knock off iphone seriously people will notice and rip the piss! :D and the screen is too small when go from a 4.3" to 3.5" it will annoy you. Stop wearing skinny jeans, man up and wear proper jeans and keep the skate :D
  8. Has anyone tried videocam illusion? It works on some cm9 builds I'm on cm7 so can't try at the moment.
  9. Has anyone tried videocam illusion? It works on some cm9 builds I'm on cm7 so can't try at the moment.
  10. Is this any better 'under the hood' wise than CM9?
  11. Is CM9 getting released tonight?. Good news on the MIUI front
  12. I have got my crystal ball out and the current build 'unreleased' will be 61.3% stable. :D

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