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  1. dimasen

    Ladybug :)

    Does anyone know what this ladybug mean? :)
  2. Many many thanks to djfnz!!!! I flash the first stable version, than flash latest release 2014.05.18 [4.5.16]. Works very good!!!! Thanks again! :) But i have some troubles with Google Play Store. I just install com.android.vending-4.8.19.apk (google play). * Contacts Sync - OK * Calendar Sync - OK But I can't enter in google play. I can't install any apps from it. Only I can to intall *.apk files. I see only: Anybody knows what to do to enter google play?
  3. Cool! Thank you! It works! :)) Can I immediately flashed the latest version 2014.05.18 [4.5.16]? Or I need to flash earlier version? Whether the phone is unlocked from the operator after flashing? Or just Virgin operator? sorry for my bad english :unsure:
  4. Hello! Recently bought ZTE Blade V. He has a lot of excess software. Tell me plz, how to remove all the excess? Or how to get root? Android ver: 4.1.2 official Thanx.
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