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  1. Ola, sometimes the phone gets a bad wifi connection, any idea wy?? bug ore?
  2. ;-) No i din't, but i follewd the intructions and it works! thanks!!
  3. Hi, i have installed both but is doesn't work. other options?
  4. Hi, is there a security bypass for the exchange email?? thanks alot for the (G)apps!
  5. Ola, i have installed severals rom’s, is it possible that the phone/code get a bit messed up? After the last rom the phone feels a bit laggy? Can I do a full wipe ore something? to start with a full clean phone! i already did every wipe in TWRP. before install this rom.
  6. Hi H3ros, reinstalled the rom, and it works again. another question: I’m going on holiday soon to the America, is it possible to use the phone over there?, I understand they use a different band?
  7. i think they use the same, but i am not sure. for exchange. i make appointments on mine phone and in outlook. it work fine til a few day's ago!?
  8. Ola, @ H3ROS, I really like this rom, but when i using CM11, the phone gives a bether cellband reception. With this rom i can't cal from inside mine house, but with CM 11 i can? how is this possible?? also a bug/error? the last day's mine exchange (work) agenda apointment wont show up. mail works and also contacts gmail apointment i can see in mine widget (Sorry for my bad english)
  9. Ola, thanks, installed synopsis!
  10. Ola, a question, is there a Kernel with bether perfomance, cell reception?
  11. Ola, DAMMM class 4 :-( 8gb. A new sd-card class 10 8gb is about €10,- but a 16gb is about €13,- But can the phone read 16gb?, and do i notice a faster sd-card? Rom works great, keep up the good WORK H3ROS i only hate :-) google voice search!!! i have disable it, because i conflict whit spotify!
  12. ola, thanks for the quick answer i have installed, whatsapp, dropbox and instagram, 9gag don't have facebook and skype. where can i find the recent app cleaner in gravity box, i now use 1 from xposed installer!
  13. Ola. phone gets a bit laggy, i think too much ram is used, normal i have like 55mb/ 75mb left. don't have any games installed. I notice google.service have 3 process, is that normal? does a cache swap helps? ore is that something else? (if i do a cache swap, in TWRP? do i lose apps?, data? or is it save to do?) )
  14. Thanks H3ROS, installed, and works great.

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