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  1. bodge


    no one using this remote on there universal?
  2. i have put noviiremote on my exec and have it woking my tv,dvd,sat box and hifi but does any one know how to use MortScript to enter the batch file to flip the screen ? http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php...ight=mortscript
  3. same ere, any one else got same prob?
  4. i had a prob with my sp3 i got it from phones 2u as well. i had changed my email add and could not remember my password on the imate site. took me about 4 weeks to get a reply but imate did sort it in the end.
  5. bodge

    XDA Exec

    just reset the software on my Exec using the Corpoate solution and mine also runs alot faster and looks great with a photo background.
  6. bodge

    xda exec theme's

    hi can tou send me a link because i cant find it.
  7. bodge

    xda exec theme's

    hi can you tell me the ones you have tried. thats where i tried some from and they didnt work.
  8. bodge

    xda exec theme's

    Thanks for the info. tried Wisbar advance 2 but it doesnt work on my phone i had to remove it. it said that is was made for older versions of windows.
  9. Hi all just tried to put a theme on my exec and didi it no problem but once its on it seems to go all funny , ie i get loads of lines when i use the slider bar or open something from the today page. tried 4 themes all the same. is it me or my exec ?
  10. bodge


    hi can these be put on a eda exec ?
  11. bodge

    video player for xda exec/m5000

    hi all same ere. just upgraded from a c500 and c550 to eda exec, how do i play video files on it?
  12. bodge

    memory cards

    spend £150 and get the 4gig from datel. works great
  13. hi sorry for posting in wrong section. my sp3 just seems to open things alot smoother and faster the other 2 phones are going to be used on o2 so no need for the orange menu and settings. I think wot i should ask is can i put my latest sp3 rom over the latest orange c500 rom? I have seen in other posts that they have used the qtek rom on the c500.
  14. bodge

    Best Rom for c500

    Hi guys any help with this Q ? http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=230746
  15. Hi Hers one... I have 2 orange c500's one is version (old rom) and the other was but i have upgraded it to version (new rom) And i have an i mate-sp3 that i have just upgraded to the latest rom that is version Can i use the sp3 rom on the c500 ? and will it go over the old rom and the new rom on the other phone. Does that make sence? :?: Gary

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