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  1. Hey guys, I just want to try out the N880E 4.1 ROM but I don't want to brick my device like last time soo my question is which files should I delete/modify to get it to work. Cuz they say that it's way faster than even cm10 (cm10 is the fastest rom ive ever tested)
  2. mitko7411

    CyanogenMod 12 PORTED!!!! FINALLY

    1. its not working 2.its lollipop yes 3.i dont have the zip file anymore+im not developing right now
  3. mitko7411

    11508 Score - 9 months after motherboard replacement

    Why are you saying that this is fake? You completely don't have a proof.
  4. mitko7411

    11508 Score - 9 months after motherboard replacement

    sry for bad quality xD
  5. There you go. Overclock @600Mhz - 1113Mhz
  6. mitko7411

    Black display

    we need lollipop
  7. Yes, it is very exotic, I checked it now and saw HD Video Decoding (Super HD 2160P/3D Film) :o And the resolution of the phone is 800x480 but i can watch 1080p videos!!!
  8. Hey KonstaT, i know this is offtopic but how about developing on Samsung Galaxy Core 2? Because i buyed it, but it doesn't have any official updates or ROMs. Again sorry for offtopic!!!
  9. mitko7411

    Where can I download drawables for editing system ui

    Just download drawables from lollipop in hdpi resolution and change them in the SystemUI. az sum bg
  10. mitko7411

    ZTE Blade III Hard-Bricked

    only solution is replace mobo if you have warranty
  11. mitko7411

    AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Okay, i will record it too, but i will mute my baby voice xD
  12. mitko7411

    AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Ok, after a year i will post a screenshot with more than 11003 points.
  13. mitko7411

    AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Then do it.
  14. mitko7411

    AnTuTu benchmark record?

    pff man, thats not right. if you are rich, buy a new motherboard. But will the score change? Sadly no. my phone is just the best PS: That post has been added in 14 of january, the brick post has been added on 22 of january, so... thats not right

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