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  1. Tako pise jebem mu mater. Prokleti gikovi :)
  2. First wipe cache and dalvik, then flash rom.
  3. White boxes! White boxes everywhere! :-)
  4. I have one problem - when I upgraded from version 4.4.2 (06/02/2014.) to version 4.4.3 when zooming images or youtube videos in browser, a through them appear white boxes covering the entire surface. The same thing happened with the pictures in the other apps (newspapers, tapatalk etc...). After a while I returned version 4.4.2 and all was ok again. Now when I upgraded to 4.4.4 again the same problem appeared. I'm installed Opera and that solved problem only with browsing. My phone is Huawei g510-200. Sorry for bad English, I just couldn't find any solution for this annoying thing. Thanks!

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