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  1. I've added a new build (0.22) that should support both full keyboard and 240x240 mode. Full keyboard option must be turned on via the options menu. I don't have a 240x240 device to test with, so support for that is theoretical. http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSP.htm Croccy22 - thanks for your efforts here but please note that FuseSP (and indeed all variants of Fuse) are released under the GPL. This means that if you provide a binary, you MUST also provide the source code. Keith
  2. I've added a testversion (0.22) with an option for full keyboard support. Let me know if this works for you. http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSP.htm
  3. On the menu screen there will be some text indicating the detected screen size. What does that text say? Keith
  4. OK, new version (0.20): http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSP.htm This one should fix the two PocketPC issues (half visible task bar/antenna strength, non-scrolling dialogs).
  5. This may be non-trivial to fix. I have a feeling that scrollable dialogs are only available on the Smartphone.
  6. Try this: http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSPbin0_19.zip Go to Options, set display mode to "Portrait Stretch". I didn't make this the default as I believe it will cause slowdowns on some devices. Thanks Keith
  7. Good to know - thanks.
  8. Anna, The problems you speak of are because FuseSP was really only intended to work on Smartphone devices. It just happens to (for the most part) work on Pocket PC too. Having said that, though, I will have a look at the problems you mention because my current phone (Sprint PPC6700, HTC Apache) is a PocketPC which suffers from this too (as well as a third issue where the screen does not rotate when the device switches to landscape mode). Thanks Keith
  9. I have updated the main build of FuseSP to version 0.18 to cope with 320x240 landscape smartphones. I've had confirmation from one tester that this works in the VS2005 emulator, but I would appreciate testing on a 'real' device. http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSP.htm
  10. File Name :: FuseSP Author :: quite98 Category :: Games - Emulators Description :: ZX Spectrum emulator for Orange SPV C500 and C550. Updated Wed, Sep 21 2005 1:33 am View File
  11. quite98




    ZX Spectrum emulator for Orange SPV C500 and C550.


  12. quite98

    C500 Game Emulators

    I think you need FuseSP - Spectrum emulation without the 'pain' :-) http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSP.htm
  13. I think you would be better off getting a copy of PocketClive: http://pocketclive.emuunlim.com/ PocketClive is intended for PocketPC, whereas FuseSP is designed for the Smartphone platform only. Keith O
  14. I've created a test-version of FuseSP for the C550 (version 0.13). As I don't have that phone, I'd appreciate it if someone here would be able to test the software and post the results. FuseSP is available here - http://www.aooa27.dsl.pipex.com/FuseSP.htm The feedback I'm looking for is that the emulated Spectrum screen can be seen, and that it fills most of the screen (it won't fill the screen completely). Thanks, Keith O
  15. quite98

    pocket clive

    That's the wrong version for PocketPC - PocketClive2k3 is a version for Smartphone.

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