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  1. Thanks for the advice man :) All the reviews seem to have nothing but praise for the phones themselves. I was just wondering if anyone has used this site in particular and can verify its legitimacy.
  2. Hey guys, I've been browsing around and came across a Chinese brand known as ThL. They sell very cheap smartphones with good specs. They're official website is www. thlmobilestore .com (sorry for the spaces I can't post URL's >.<) I was wondering if anyone ordered from this website? Or if you got a ThL phone from another website? If either, did you experience any problems, with customs, quality, etc? Just wondering before I go buying, as it would be rather expensive to go returning it to China. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I have a Huawei Ascend Y300-0100. I tried to flash a custom ROM, only to realise after it was meant for a Samsung Galazy S3. Now whenever I try to boot it up, its stuck on this: http://gyazo.com/33ed49b7259fc7f27cce7f34f88e807f . I know someone had a similar problem, but they were able to get passed that screen. I can't. Someone please help me!
  4. Hey guys, I tried flashing a new ROM to my Huawei Ascend y300-100 (I think this might be the wrong forum for this phone sorry). It turns out that the ROM was made only for Samsung Galaxy devices. Now when I boot up my phone I get this: http://gyazo.com/33ed49b7259fc7f27cce7f34f88e807f . It just stays there. I can't access CWMR to try flash a different ROM. Somebody please help I want to fix this!
  5. Hey guys! I use a Huawei Ascend Y300 and I am unable to install Cyanogenmod 11. I use TWRP to flash the ROM, but CM 11 always fails. I can flash CM 10.2 with no problems. Anyone have suggestions on how I could flash CM 11? The error message is (as far as I can make out, TWRP text runs a bit over the side of my screen): E:Error executing updater binary in zip '(location I have CM 11 zip file)' The next line is: Error flashing zip '(location of zip file and file name)' Any help would be much appreciated!
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