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  1. U tried to flash the TWRP via fastboot? or via CWM. If it aint working via CWM try it via fastboot: Turn off your device. Turn on the device and keep holding volume down until it gets stuck on splashscreen. Plug the device into your computer. Run the following command via the command line on your computer: fastboot devices If you see some random numbers your device is recognised. After that you can enter next command. fastboot flash recovery nameofrecovery.img Be aware that the imagefile must be in the same folder where u start the commandline Where namenameofrecovery.img the imagefile of twrp is which can be downloaded here :
  2. I must have clicked on it . That was it probably. I like TWRP more than CWM so reinstalled TWRP. Thanks for answer :)
  3. I am surprised now . I had installed recovery TWRP And flashed this rom and update few nightlies. Now i boot into recovery and i have CWM ????? I also installed Chill kernel 0.42. Is it in the rom or is it in the kernel ? I am amazed?
  4. Press and hold the screen on empty space in the homescreen. Popup opens. Press the three dots above the text Widgets. Turn off Hide icon labels
  5. Did an update this morning and got an nice and shiny . Never seen that before!! with CM11
  6. Version Nightly 10-06-2014. I have a problem with the background. The background won't scroll between screens like before. It looks like it jumps back. Tried multiple backgrounds. Anyone else has this problem?
  7. Seems like the OTA update is broken. Can't download it via Cm updater. Even on phone i cant download file. Strange. Can't check on pc now.
  8. If ota aint working download newest version from first link in this thread. Put it in map cmupdater. When you go to ota it says downloaded and you can update. It worked for me.
  9. I found out that there aren't any contributers according to settings. ;)
  10. Yup just days after release of Android 4.4.3 and it is on my phone :)
  11. Guess it wasnt stable. Hope he will continue tot improve his builds. I like cm11 a lot. And far more stable than few months ago.
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