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  1. Did you do a clean install or a dirty flash?
  2. Usually this kind of error is a hardware error. It means that the sim is not correctly inserted or has a bad connection with the pins, or your sim is broken. It can also be your phone which is broken. First try cleaning your sim. There is only a small chance this could be software related, else do a reinstall.
  3. Dirty flash is not always working and officially not recommended. it failed to do so on two occasions. Google Store is autodownloading/installing the apps I previously had and also Avast has a nice back up. But I have to login/set passwords for a number of apps and for some reason the Nova back up is being made but never able to be retrieved.
  4. I would very much like installing updates like on my pc, without reinstalling/flashing the whole damn thing and have to reset al setting of all the apps I use
  5. Hi Chill Do you actually have to reinstall gapps everytime if you install a new rom when using dirty flash for instance I noticed slimkat gapps are still on 4.4.3
  6. Hi Chil just saw your post that you are using 3.4 kernel. Just was curious why you are using old kernel and not 3.8 or 3.10? Btw did dirty upgrade and all is running ok, this really is a huge improvement over the stockfirmware it was running when I bought it. thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks a lot Chil for all the work. I just saw your post you could flash without re-installing everything. Did not knew this was possible. Does it mean I will not loose all my apps and their settings or do I have to re-install all the apps? Just saw the following message at slimroms: Due to some technical problems weekly is on hold Does this affect this rom too?
  8. I found that the random reboots were caused by activating one of the following apps : skype/email/whatsapp/outlook/messenger or combination of one of these. The solution was setting the Nova Launcher as the default launcher and .... no more random reboots + speed increase = happy man.
  9. I hope this will be fixed with next version, drain is visible just when using and you just see it going down before our eyes, also random reboots are really annoying, do not know which app is causing it but in 4.4.3 it should be one of the fixes
  10. I am still having random reboots, but this only happens after installing some apps when their services start to run the bloody thing becomes much slower and start to reboot after hanging. Before installing the apps this 4.4.2 runs like a rocket. I searched and found many other phone users had similar problems with this on their stockfirmware. I hope this will be solved in 4.4.3 as some of them also hoped for.
  11. Thanks for the great work, I noticed 2 issues however. Phone is getting warmer than usual and sometimes random reboots (mostly when starting multiple tasks). Is this normal? Ps. Does this rom has also OTA updates als the CM version? If not how do I install new versions without loosing all apps and settings..

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