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  1. kekkox88

    Huawei Honor 3c

    The kernel's sources for MT 6582 are been released, so now if someone would, it's possible to create a ROM.
  2. H3ROS thanls for this great rom! All works fine. Only I'd like a way to change the shortcuts in the lockscreen to set other. In anyway, good job!
  3. Luca are you working on this ROM too? Is it possible to see it a day on y300? I remember about an old project but with SIM issue on y300...
  4. For me too no problem with GPS.
  5. I know, TSB returns [emoji6] in anycase now DSB is opensource, right? Is it because L has the same feauture?
  6. For me no lag with DSB on. For my use looking it's better [emoji16]
  7. Better school and friends, android can wait! Your work "a gratis" it's enough. ;)
  8. Better no, one it's just enough! ^_^ :blush:
  9. Why not DSB? It's better than TSB and works good enough. Could you provide us two versions, one with DSB and another without?
  10. You need the repack for CM 11, it's here http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/372567-[KERNEL]-[Y300/G510]-Synopsis-Kernel-For-Cyanogenmod-and-SlimKat '> http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/372567-[KERNEL]-[Y300/G510]-Synopsis-Kernel-For-Cyanogenmod-and-SlimKat
  11. Luca your great rom with synopsis kernel [emoji1] super battery life!
  12. Luca the latinIME keyboard of slimkat has swype function. Maybe you can replace it with the one of AOSPA to have a more complete keyboard.
  13. [emoji3] Luca what is the function of the key in notification bar closest to one to swipe to QS? It's a circle with two square inside. Ah, to make notification panel transparet I have to use gravitybox or there's an option? Thanks.

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