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  1. I can't get into recovery mode...it shows error sign....sd amss mode and usb mode are working....any idea?
  2. Please, activate the links mentioned or give new ones. I have sd download mode problem.....can you please provide the '.bin' version of the ROMs. Thank you.
  3. same problem here brother! plz someone help!
  4. The phone do not go into any mode except SD download mode which shows error. I tried to install new ROM through Acer LMT tool. The process went smooth and showed success in the program but my phone don't wake up from the sleep... :( I tried fastboot but it show waitng for device and don't go any further than that. Only thing positive is my PC recognize that the phone is connected. Please help me out..... I know the phone is low on RAM and memory and all. But I have many good memories with it. Please help
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