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  1. the EU on was unusable as there was a problem with one sim cards, there was another china dev one with issues with both sims, maybe it was a tcdma rom. many just had niggles with the keyboard set out to some that had know bugs (cm12) and some were completely unusable. ill have to go through which ones ive tried.
  2. at last : ManhIT_Redmi3.PRO_Multi_6.5.12_v7-5.1_Global_Locked_UL ist miui 7 and closest to the stock rom i had. ive tried about 5 roms all with issues : keyboard config to no service on both sim slots
  3. are there any fastboot roms that have gapps installed? as I cant flash gapps without twrp
  4. Trying this How to Flash TWRP on Redmi 3 http://en.miui.com/thread-247522-1-1.html my cdm window says cannot load twrp_rm3 : no error
  5. twrp flasher has stopped working. its says its flashed but i cant get into twrp.
  6. flashed the china dev rom, dindnt like it. then flashed the twrp flasher so I had twrp not sure of the version,Flashed a CM12 rom, was ok, but lost of stuff missing. I was rebooting from twrp and an option came up to flash superUser and and Root so I did and got another bootloop. This time I had Fastboot mode only an dno twrp. you need to be in download mode for fastboot, so after another few hours of trawling you tube and the internet I found some indian geezer who showed me how to boot from fastboot only using the advanced options in the miFlash tool but you lose all data. so now I'm back on china stable, but no google or playstore so ive just flashed miui 8. I think its china stable, but I'm trying to get back to the original rom that the phone came with. ive found it but need to reinstall twrp as its a .zip file can I flash it via that clunky china recovery tool.
  7. Sorted. I had twrp and fastboot, but no recovery mode and I was stuck in bootloop. I tried forcing edl l=mode, which didn't work, I tried reflashing from fastboot, no joy there, I even tried sideloading the adb command to install from a pc.... I finally realside there is an sd card slot in the sim tray so I dloaded a rom and flashed it via the sdcard via twrp. 4 hours wasted, I mean experience gained. I just goes to show if you don't know what youre doing don't muck about.
  8. ive managed to get back into twrp but I have no roms loaded on the phone so cant flash one. any ideas? does the rom have to be of the NON fastboot variety?
  9. just flashed this twrp and was asked if I wanted to install SuperUser. The phone rebooted and now its in bootloop.
  10. REDMI 3/3s/3pro TWRP Flasher : http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-3/development/tool-xiaomi-twrp-flasher-mauronofrio-win-t3405199
  11. I think I'm running miui 8, although I'm not a miui fan. its slick and well laid out, but just not the way I like stock android. I think I saw a CM12 rom somewhere. Now ive installed a fastboot rom is there a different method of flashing roms.
  12. bootloader now unlocked. I had to lookup how to use adb in the end. that was a steep learning curve.
  13. ok Ive flashed the above rom, my usb debugging want activated so I couldn't connect the phone listed as an adb device. I'm a bit worried now as ive rebooted the phone and ive got the bootlogo...phew, its just come back to life....I was crapping myself there. Lol ill keep you posted
  14. update log china developer Rom Redmi 3/3s/pro Fastboot http://en.miui.com/thread-295042-1-1.html
  15. Right I'm ready to flash the China dev rom kenzo_images_6.7.7_20160629.0000.25_5.1_cn_a4935c449b its the fastboot Rom listed on this thread http://en.miui.com/thread-294318-1-1.html I'm getting an error on the flashtool saying cannot read ffrom port COM3 ?
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