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  1. It gets better, NOT ! I did a factory reload which I had hoped to avoid. m/c loads OK and then says there is an update for android to fix some bugs. I load it and it gets half way and then says "Signature verification fail" at the bottom of the screen and " Install Untrusted Package" The options are yes, no or go back at the top.... whichever one I try it then tries to boot shows the Android / Motorola screen and starts for 2-3 seconds... it then goes back to Android recovery with the same options as above and repeats the process. again and again and again. any ideas ?
  2. I'm a noobie and decided to root my Moto G BIG PROBLEM. I followed the instructions here with superboot and I didn't get supersu and did checks and it seemed that the root hadn't worked. so I ran it again and got the blue/black flashy screen as usual and then nothing, zilch.... I couldn't get any response from any buttons. After about 20-30 mins I got the standard moto screen (I took off the bootloader message before) but it never boots. It sits there. If I close it then it immediately reboots and does the same into the Moto screen. If I get into bootloader I can then get into recovery but cannot reboot into a working phone. So HEEEELP !!!! I've tried recovery and it says MD5 mismatch. any suggestions reallly needed and appreciated. I now have an expensive paperweight showing the recovery screen at the moment. :(
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