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  1. Hi, I've changed the thing to Singapore but I want to change it back to the UK - do I just do the same thing but select UK instead of Singapore?
  2. Hi, I'm having problems installing this: I've followed all the instructions but when my device turns on whilst connected I get the error "timeout" about 6 times and then nothing happens, I'm unable to press start?
  3. Well, apparently WM7 is going to use gestures, e.g. if you shake the device it will wake up...that kinda thing. I'd imagine that would required a G sensor, although I've read they might use the camera too. If you want WM7, I'd recommend not to get the X1.
  4. Oh dear, my Diamond feels crap now. But no dpad is definitely a downside, WM is nowhere near good enough to not have a dpad. Makes me feel a bit better.
  5. Hi, I bought the Western Europe Map, installed TomTom Home and everything, but when I click "update" it doesn't show anything apart from one voice, and it doesn't have my map. I've connected my device and entered the device code correctly and everything had have TT Navigator 7 installed but no luck! Any help?
  6. I think it's true, I used to sell digital cameras and that's what I learnt from various training sessions, although it has to be said, they were all led by Sony's competitors!
  7. Yeah, I've noticed that one version of the X1 has VGA video recording, I was wondering if the Raphael has this too. I suppose we'll have to wait!
  8. Does anyone know if it's the same camera as the Kaiser, or if it's any better? Will it match the X1 on still images and video recording?
  9. Do you have the whole 4GB to use or is some of the memory taken up already?
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