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  1. its cool everyone has had great luck with it working on here but mine does not work consistently at all. usually takes 4-5 tries outdoors in open air for it to catch with the patch and without the patch. that equals about 15 min. i could be so lost by that point. if this doesn't get fixed its gonna get returned to at&t like my Q was.
  2. i can't get the windows media skin to work in my blackjack. is it cause its landscape?
  3. i have the asian 3.46 rom with cingular and everything works fine except when i try streaming music through tcpmp it wil play for about 45sec then i will lose connection. In order to get it to work i first have to load a webpage with IE. then i go to tcpmp and load a streaming audio station and have this problem. it works fine when i'm streaming a wma file through windows media player. I had a audiovox 5600 and it worked okay with gprs and tcpmp (although i still had to go to IE first) any ideas guys?
  4. can anyone verify if multikey press is working with this rom. some people have been claiming that it has been fixed
  5. can anyone verify if the multipress issue is resolved in the uk update? I thought it was a hardware issue but some people have said it was fixed with the prerelease version of the uk update.
  6. I understand the hardware limitiations of the audiovox 5600 of the keypress but everywhere i read it says u can use the softkeys. i can only assign the left softkey and for better gameplay i would like to use the right one instead. anyone know whats up with this?
  7. i had the same problem with my napster files. i had to go to tools, then process media information now. i know that somehow with wma's, the picture is stored in the file. with mp3's, it needs to have the file in the directory called albumart.jpg, when media player plays the file, it will look for that file and show that picture.
  8. mms, task manager, file explorer and the camera app ( one that takes descent photos) were all provided by the manufacturer in previous versions of windows. these were not provided by microsoft. that is why they are not in WM5
  9. I downgraded WM 5 (the camera sucked to much for me) to the Cingular rom. i like it. not much changed, glad i didn't have to configure my gprs settings. seems that i don't have a problem of connecting to the internet. sometimes the att rom would not allow me to connect. read about that problem in other forums.
  10. thanks zone-mr, i know the hint u are talking about and i got around it about two days ago. its working great on my phone and i love it, especially the new functanlity and speed of IE. just sad that the camera apps sucks and looks like no hope in fixing it. all my programs work great except for opera which doenst really matter anymore since i like the new IE so much
  11. i am really confused as to why it doesn't work. maybe it's because its for the c500 only. but looking at this link http://msmobiles.com/news.php/3848.html there is one for the audiovox.
  12. So i installed WM2005 on my phone and now i get device authenification failure.... please contact the product manufacturer. For reference please provide your device ID. 3546110002736801 68000050bf3f5173 8un (yeah i know it's all my fault) now i don't know how to get back. the only thing i can get to is the bootloader screen and i have a couple of roms but the only one will work with the mtty program that communicates with the phone are .bin files which i ddon't have. Any ideas guys? I kinda just want my phone back.
  13. I love cingulars unlimited gprs. last month i downloaded almost 100 megs on their network with it (i use it as a modem cause armadillo is blocked on my college network) i love it. with no media plan that would have been $3000 and with the basic plan that would have been $1000. so i think $20 is a deal!!!!!!!
  14. I have searched very hard in the forums and cannont find instructions how to use my smartphone as a modem for my laptop. I have my bluetooth software installed and i am able to tranfer files as well as use active sync. I am using the sp2 bluetooth drivers for my kensington bluetooth dongle. can anyone help me out on how to do this? thanks
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