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  1. Hi there! First of all thank you very much Zeelog and all the others who have contributed to the creation of this great mod. It's good to know that some experts still care about Blade. I'd have a question. Is there any way to install the latest build (now it's 25.01.15) and still flash the int2ext script somehow? I know there was a good reason to remove it since it caused problems with SE Linux support (unfortunately I have no idea what it is). The reason I want the script back is that even though I'm mounting an ext partition in Link2sd or S2E, these programs only link the data after download and installation (using Google Play for instance). Therefore I'm unable to install a 24MB+ app with a fresh installation of build 18.01.15. The installation stops with a message about lack of storage. On the other hand with the int2ext script it worked well, when I tried an older build (05.08.14). Or is there any solution to have "directly" mounted ext to supplement the system partition to avoid lack of storage during app download and installation? Sorry I'm not an expert, I hope I made myself understood. Thanks for the answers in advance ;) Update: Since then I found CronMond. I think this is the way to go...

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