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  1. Have a look at Touch Lock Pro, I've only just found it but does do what you want. It can be set to switch off the screen when you answer a call, which will stop it responding to your ear pressing against it. If you then need to use the screen during the call, just take out the stylus.
  2. Getting Tom Tom to work on the Touch HD is a nightmare, but is possible.Have a look at this wiki page at XDA Developers: http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?p..._Blackstone_GPS.
  3. The link I posted is to a cab file, which has all the reg hacks included. Download, install, job done! No registry hacking required!
  4. I know this is an old thread, but though I'd post my findings in case its useful for anyone else. I have just installed TomTom, and wanted to get the voice directions over my Bluetooth headset. Tried the method in this thread and it only works for 10 seconds like everyone else. However, with further searching I found this which does work on the Hermes! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=278778. Other useful info in this thread on XDA Dev: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=281977
  5. Have a look at my post here: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...n+on+the+hermes I've looked mainly at console emulation, and not tried to use the keyboard as generaly there are enough keys around the screen to play landscape mode with the case closed.
  6. Swampcat: SCUMMVM is next on my list to play with, how does it play? Dr Who: Glad to help! It took me a while to work it out as well, so I thought I'd share. Quake is definately worth a go, it is slow to load levels and save-games but plays really well.
  7. I’ve recently been playing about with various games and emulators, and I though I’d share my findings. Generally emulation on the Hermes is great, although there are quite a few emulators that don’t work so well. I’ve only listed ones I’ve found to work, if you’ve found a better one please post it here. Another thing to note, if you’re playing and a call comes through expect a crash! I’ve only looked for non-commercial emulators, most of these are freeware or shareware. Legal disclaimer: Most of these emulators require copyrighted ROM images for the games you want to play, some people argue that it’s fine to have a ROM image for a game you own, but AFAIK that hasn’t been tested legally. I won’t tell you where to get ROM images (either will anyone else here), but the usual methods of acquiring items of dubious legality should sort you out. PC game Ports (these use the game files from the PC version, will play the shareware version if you don’t own the original) Pocket Insanity Wolfenstien 3D (site back up!) Does landscape, and is configurable through the GUI. Good bit of old skool! SPVDuke3D By Roozbeh, here on MoDaCo Works well, although you can’t set key mappings through the GUI easily so you need to edit the config file (mine’s attached if you want it). My config file starts in ladscape mode (joypad on right), and uses joypad to move, W,A,S,D to look and the green phone key to quit to menu. For other key mappings see the file itself. gfDoom I haven’t played with this one much yet. Seems to start well, looks like it will need a config file adapting. Pocket Quake Plays really well, in landscape mode too! You do need to set key mappings using a config file (mine's attached). This config file sets it to play in landscape mode (joypad on left), and gives you a toggle to switch between landscape and portrait. You can look around by using the stylus on the screen. Pocket Quake will run from Storage Card, but needs to be in a “Quake” folder on the root. Also, if you want to save files you have to leave the “pak” files zipped, which does make level loading slower but does allow game saving. Console emulators With these some ROMS will not work, so it’s trial and error time! Unless specified otherwise all of these play well, with sound, in landscape mode. For most of them you can exit full-screen landscape mode by tapping the screen (which pauses the game), and save the console-state whilst paused. For opening ROMS most of these emulators can only see one folder deep, so you need to put ROMs in a folder off the root. PokeNes This one plays well, however it doesn’t do landscape, and doesn’t remember key-mappings. Also it’s really bad at resuming after pausing! I haven’t tested game saving, because I doubt it’ll continue after. If anyone has found better let me know. PocketSNES Bleeding Edge There are quite a few PocketSNES versions out there, this is the most stable one on the Hermes that I’ve found. The settings I’ve found to work best are: Display: Landscape Stretched, no auto frame-skip, set manual frame-skip to 3. Sound: Select: Sound Emulation, Sync Sound, Interpolate Sound, Alt Sound Decode, Fix Frequency. Leave others unselected. Set quality to 8-bit, and the rate to Low. PocketGBA Game Boy Advance on the Hermes! This is pushing the device a bit, so expect newer ROMs not to work. PicoDrive (MegaDrive / Genesis) (I’ve attached this one as the author’s site has disappeared) I don’t think I changed any settings on this one, plays very well. There are many other PicoDrive versions out there, but most wont do landscape on the Hermes. This version is by Hao Zhang and is version 0.04. Computer emulation PocketClive (Sinclair Spectrum) Looks promising, however games come as tape images, which the emulator has to load in real-time (remember waiting 15mins for a game to load?). Once a game is loaded you can capture a snapshot to reload later, however I haven’t been bothered to test that yet! Pocket Caprice (Amstrad CPC) This plays well, as it’s not exactly pushing the Hermes! For "ROMS" I’d advise getting disk images for the CPC 6128 for quick loading. There are other emulators out there, there’s a good list here and here. I've tried many of those, and many are either dead or don't work as well as the ones here. Any other suggestions welcome! DUKE3D_config.zip Pocket_Quake_config.zip PicoDrive__MegaDrive_.zip
  8. I tried WiFiFoFum and didn't find it that usefull for connecting to networks (only seemed to be useful for finding out info about networks). I currently use Hitchhiker which does work well, except it does crash every now and then. If you do use it, install to the device rather than the storage card as it seems to behave better that way.
  9. VGA stands for "Video Graphics Array" , which was one of the early PC display standards, and is now taken to mean a 640x480 resolution as Gerald D. said. QVGA just means "Quarter VGA", and AFAIK is only used in relation to small-form-factor displays such as phones and PDAs.
  10. It was too far gone for a defrag, fortunatly I realised everything on it was either replaceable or re-instal-able, so I've formated and started again.
  11. A few days ago I noticed that some strangely named folders had appeared on my MicroSD card (pic attached), and though I'd look into it eventually. Today my phone has problems running most programs, and I'm pretty sure that the card is now corrupt (I can't find the "Program files" folder, and I can't copy files from it using a card-reader). Any suggestions for some good, preferably free, data recovery software? I think I might have to reformat and start again, but would rather not if there is another option.
  12. If there isn't a direct port to PPC you could give DOS emulation a go. I haven't tried it myself, but there are a couple of DOS emulators that might be able to play that game. I'm sure recommendations of particular emulators will be along shortly from other MoDaCoeans.
  13. It could also be down to Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which I think Hotmail use. SPF attempts to verify that a server is permitted to send email on behalf of another domain. So if Hotmail recieves an email relayed from "domainA" and the sent from address is from "domainB" it checks the SPF record at "domainB" to see if "domainA" is allowed to send email on its behalf. Problem is that very few domains have SPF records and if there isn't one Hotmail seems to treat the email as spam anyway. The other problem is if your domain does have a SPF record it's a pain trying to cover all of the servers that might send email on behalf of that domain (SMTP servers for home user's ISPs, mobile users, users in a foreign hotel room using the hotel's SMTP servers, etc). In my opinion its a flawed bodge on a flawed system that does hardly anything to stop spam and just annoys legitimate email users. All it does is give the likes of Hotmail and AOL a grand project that they can say they are doing to stop spam. Full details available at www.openspf.org.
  14. I've given up with Virtual Earth, you're better off using Map24 (download fom map24.com). It's quicker, only covers Europe so won't show you random US places, and has a more effective search. Doesn't do satalite images though.
  15. Just my 2c on the whole insurance thing: Any insurance policy can't possibly detail every possible event that might occur, and then specify in detail what is covered and what is not. Because of that the policy has to cover as many eventualities as possible, hence using vague broad terms such as "reasonable". Of course this then means when an event occurs that results in a claim the wording used in the policy has to be interpreted, and not everyone
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