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  1. I have a problem with Viber on this rom. When I get a message, it doesn't show up right away (often doesn't show the notification or vibrate until I switch the screen on). The settings on the Viber app itself are all the same as before. Also can I upgrade from 7.8 to 8.X by doing a clear cache/dalvik or do I have to factory reset and lose data/settings?
  2. Just wondering if I have 7.0.2 installed then to update to the new version, how would I go about it? Would I need to wipe everything and install like new (in which case probably not worth it) or can I keep my data/settings?
  3. If I want to update from 7.0.2 or something to the newest Slimkat then what's the procedure? Do I lose my current phone setup/data? And do I need to flash Gapps in addition to the rom?
  4. Restarting fixes this issue but not always. I've changed roms after wipe (AOSP then Slimkat) and still the same issue. The part of the screen where the b/h/y keys are located usually stop working....obviously rotation allows me to press them but still concerning. Is this a hardware issue or is there anything I can do to fix it (other than re-starting the device)?
  5. So on this build, I'm not getting any lag on Netflix, it's working smoothly, however, the video freezes after like 15 or 20 seconds. The audio is still going, screen stays on, even the subtitles change but the picture is frozen...
  6. Is it possible to upgrade from B200 to B209 without diong a system wipe etc? I wouldn't mind upgrading tired of resetting my phone.
  7. On B200 from early July, I'm having a problem with Viber running very slowly and hanging up a lot. I don't think it's a ram issue since it worked fairly well on other roms or B199 FusionX. Anyways, anything I can do to resolve it?
  8. I'm gonna try Performance Control or Kernel Tuner or whatever. For now I'm not using any CPU control app because I'm worried that it'll slow down the CPU while the amount of battery saving is fairly minimal. Free memory is far too low though, usually less than 90ish even with the same apps installed as on other roms and most of them hibernated with Greenify. One little problem I have with wifi though....it doesn't connect automatically to an open wifi network or to a network which I'm registered on normally. Is there anything I can do so that it automatically connects to networks which are saved rather than me having to open up wifi and connect it manually?
  9. How do I optimize battery life? Greenify and Autokiller Memory Optimizer? Will using a CPU control like NoFrills make a difference or should I leave it as is? And is there any way to add a camera to the lock screen? GravityBox doesn't show the option. Nice stable rom, went to this after trying ExpertV4 and Slimkat which were kinda laggy for me and certain things didn't work like Netflix on Expert, seems to be an improvement over FusionX as well.
  10. Any problems on 5.10 compared to 4.9? Also is there a way to update the rom without losing data etc? And how is Netflix going for others? Experiencing lag like me?
  11. So flashing this I thought fixed it but now I'm having the same issue again. Phone reception works fine but loses mobile network after a while and has to be restarted. I'm guessing this has to do with the location I'm at as few others are having the issue (I'm in the carribean). Shame because I really liked the rom and it seems to be the only 4.4 one which is worthwhile but goin back to ExpertV4 for now.
  12. Is the CPU control not installed by default on this rom and if not then what should I use? NoFrills CPU Control? Also, when I hold the home button, it shows me the list of apps open on the side but doesn't give the option to clear opened apps which would be fairly useful since the thing is lagging a decent bit when I try to download multiple apps from the play store. Netflix shows a decent bit of lag as well so some setting is off on the installation of mine. Might be because of using NovaLauncher, not sure but it's probably just not enough free ram for some reason even though there are less background apps than I had before on a couple other roms at the moment.
  13. Btw in addition to clearing the usual stuff before flashing, I'm guessing I should also wipe cust if I'm gonna flash this?
  14. Will give that a try later, cheers. Also, which CPU setting do you recommend (for non-gaming, basically just battery saving but without the device lagging)?
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