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  1. Theoretically though? If it fixes Viber and Facebook Messenger, which both use VOIP (I think).
  2. Forget it, I managed to make it work using Kingo ROOT.
  3. Help please. I can't root my Vodafone 858! I've looked at many tutorials but none of them work! They all involve installing apps on the phone and then the apps either sit forever on 'Rooting, please wait...' or crash instantly. Is there any ways to traditionally root it, use a PC, or how to make the other root methods work. The ones I've tried are GingerBreak, z4root and some other which I can't remember.
  4. Ok, I'll try it. Does it have a thread anywhere for updates and questions. And how do I install, eg, what to wipe, etc.
  5. Link please? I can't even search for his profile, yet alone his posts :( <_<.
  6. Can someone help me? Google Play Music crashes as soon as I try to 'Play Music'! (Haha, I'm punny)
  7. Can someone please tell me where in SystemUI.apk the image for the 'emergency calls only' icon on the status bar. Not the button on the lock screen or the 'no signal' icon. The 'emergency calls only icon'. Thanks.
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