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  1. hootie

    English UK language problem

    Why would an unbranded hadset not show English UK as a language option though ?
  2. hootie

    Video of SGS with MCR1 and Stall fix

    You can change font in settings - sound and display Regards Craig
  3. hootie


    Thanks for that....i can now get the handset sorted under warranty
  4. hootie


    Looks like i may need to put a simfree Desire back into its unrooted state......is is just a case of following the same procedure for debranding an operator branded handset : http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...r-t-mo-handset/ Any help appreciated :huh:
  5. Just had an email from ALK, theres is now a new version of Copilot availableto download from the marketplace.....works great with my Milestone. Seems like i owe them an apology for saying that there cust service is not too hot :) . Version is,. Kind Regards
  6. Hi Dayzee, it would be good to let everyone know how you get on with your Copilot issue. I too have purchased Copilot and face the same problem and also have emailed ALK, although going on past experience with their customer service i wouldnt hold your breath on getting a constructive response. However just in case you do please post and ill do the same if i get an answer. Totally agree with all your other views by the way, apart from the sluggishness moving between screens. I dont think i would go back to the Hero now after using the Milestone, The satnav issue is really irritating though ....would be good to get it sorted :)
  7. hootie

    vibrating alert

    after adj settings to make phone vibrate and ring at the same time, it has now stopped vibrating even though settings have not changed help anyone cheers hootie
  8. hootie

    vibrating alert

    cheers stu where in coventry are you based? i live in cov too
  9. anyone answer a quick question ? can you have the spv e200 vibrate and ring to alert an incoming call? i have tried to search for the answer before posting this. cheers in advance for any help
  10. hootie

    homepage help

    can anyone shed any light on why for the last 4 or 5 days when ever i connect to the internet on my home p.c. instead of going to my homepage of google it goes straight to www.cpanel.net even though www.google.com is still set as my homepage in i.e. options. i cannot get google.com at all. i have virus scanned with the latest definitions and used ad-aware to remove any spy-ware both showed no infection, any ideas anyone? cheers !!!!!
  11. i have tried to use the search function but am unable to find the answer to my question.can somebody please tell me why everytime i try to sync with my p.c. it causes the p.c. to start a dial up connection.i have tried changing various settings but it doesn't seem to make any difference.any help or advice greatly appreciated. cheers!!
  12. hootie

    earpiece volume!!!

    many thanks for the restore cab it worked just fine, top skins also davidrm.
  13. hootie

    earpiece volume!!!

    no just installed a skin , silverness (orange) then uninstalled it about 6 hours later
  14. can someone please help, my earpiece volume control switch refuses to work , is this a common problem that can be easily rectified. thanks in advance!
  15. dont know if this has been asked before, but here goes, if i install either the i-mate or q-tek updates and decide that i then want to change back to the orange uk rom would this be possible. cheers in advance for all advice.

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