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  1. The Moto E 2015 has a micro SIM, not a nano SIM.
  2. I really appreciate the efforts of chil360, you, Dazz, y300-100 and others in your collective work on KitKat / Lollipop for the humble Huaweis. Shame that the vendors (both Google and hardware manufacturers) and chipset manufacturers treat phones as throwaway devices and don't support them properly.
  3. Please do! There are plenty of us who'd be happy with a properly functioning KitKat on the Y300 and G510.
  4. "è esondato" - overflowed, though the usual English term would be 'flooded'
  5. Perhaps you'd like to be a bit more specific? Which app did you have in mind? Given sufficient details, maybe someone can check.
  6. I hope you'll do a display-caf build of Mahdi once you've sorted out any obvious bugs
  7. When are you planning to create an updated build, Luca?
  8. OTACenter code is a bit dodgy. Despite disabling the automatic update check interval, it's still nagging me to update to a newer build, which just happens to be the one I have installed.
  9. Any clues as to which part of the build system might be broken?
  10. Oh, cool, that's that sorted. The lock screen settings are for cLock, so I expected that to be the default widget.
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