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  1. Where you download the chil360 kernel v0.48 for the cm11?? Can you post me a link? And have you find this swap ??
  2. dazzozo please can you fix the bug in the browser ?? because chrome is slow and sometimes locks up, the faster that stock but you can not surf the internet well because of the problem with the pictures, I know that this place is not a priority but it does not seem it is important to for a rom that the browser works well, thanks in advance
  3. I have installed your addon Luca, and the swap works as it should, but I wish I could choose where to put the swap file and choose its size with an application like I can do this? I flashed zram disabled, but the application did not work anyway :) what I can do to choose the swap and swapness?
  4. sorry but English is not my mother linguage, can you explain it to me or post a link on this "addon"? because I've tried with different apps on the market to do the swap but if I put any size I find myself always with 48Mb of swap spreads
  5. HELP MEEE!! ...does anyone know if chil360 kernel supports swap? if so, which app or method do you recommend? Thanx
  6. ok but I remember in an old version of this ROM (4.4.1 / 2) these problems were not present, why there are now? What has changed since then? O.o I think that the problem is in the app "HTML viewer" because the problem of the images is also present in other apps that use this app (I planned small browser that exploit viwer htm). then the problem of mobile data error is definitely in the system ui. so these bugs are not the rom but these are two system apps. I can try to fix them, but I need the sources of these two apps.
  7. Bugs: the default browser does not load images properly, they are no longer the arrows for the mobile data (upload, download).
  8. why the FM radio needs all these permissions? [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]
  9. recording FM radio does not work, someone does this? only this does not work with me?
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