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  1. I just recorded the Y300 of my friend right after flashing it, that's why there wasn't many apps to test the speed. but in general the rom is good, fast and battery backup is better than jellybean. if anyone wants to flash it, take look at it, worth it.
  2. actually what are they doing on these builds ? even 2 months ago the ROM is still same with remaining some little bugs, not a single bug fixed, nor a single improvement. that's why I only update it once a month. why would I update it everyday ?
  3. anyone flashed google keyboard from gapps to this Y300 ? I have issues with it, when I press 1 key, the key is still highlighted, like It's been holding. and then I press another keys, the previous letter that I pressed are repeated. like: aassddffgg I already had issues with it before, july nightly with stock and synopsis kernel. now I'm with 19 august nightly and chil360 kernel. the keyboard only works normally when it's AOSP or flashing Android L keyboard via twrp.
  4. ART didn't worth. tried 5 minutes and came back to dalvik. UI lagging a bit more than with dalvik, issues with stability, app facebook always crash.
  5. I've read other forum about unlocking phone with old cyanogenmod, it didn't appear to input code and the work around was going to settings, screen lock and selecting pattern or pin. then it appeared input code.
  6. that's why this CM11 needs to be optimized and dazzozo isn't here anymore. use Chrome.
  7. if the buyer isn't expert for android, better install 4.1 fusionx b199, it is the most stable custom rom. my friend used it more than month and he said me it's very good and no problem. nightly there may be annoying bugs that we don't know where, for example, the original browser of CM11 has issues with images, doesn't show properly. so better flash the fusionx and he won't be feel regreting that bought a phone with bugs and not stable at all..
  8. I tried to say that I uninstalled some system apps with root uninstaller and flashed synopsis kernel. today used cm updater for flash new nightly and it updated automatically. and things that I deleted are back, and kernel back to normal. I had to uninstall the apps again and flashed synopsis kernel again.. if it will be always and no other way, well I won't update nightly everyday.
  9. I updated nightly via CM Updater and it back to install many apps that I already deleted and already flashed normal kernel. DAMN ! is there any way to install and let apps and kernel intact ?
  10. ok thanks for quick reply, I understand. it's a different about CM11 for my LG L5 that is launched one or another week new betas from the developer :) I found that there are some kernels for Y300, didn't want to risk any random that I find, anyone that uses can provide me good kernel for CM11 or does not necessary ? also is there any framework that makes battery better ? at least for my L5 that I found framework which made battery last twice more time.
  11. yesterday I unlocked bootloader and installed CM11. now I just reverted back to everything stock and relocked bootloader. I tried to flash dload of b189 and it said failed to update. it's all because the splash screen has image of network provider and I don't like, I want the splash screen of general version like b189 have.
  12. I was searching for original splash screen to replace my y300 that has network provider splash. and I found this is not genuinely original.. sad I can't find the stock splash..
  13. oh thanks, I already know these topics. I was mislead a little. I wanted to say that I already found the topics about changing splash like these. but i didn't found the stock image to install, the images I found are all modded. build 05 of july doesn't have any deep sleep. wakelock shows 0 time of deep sleep, anyone can tell me if it just me ? this topic has 164 pages, god I admit I won't read all these.
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