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    CM 12

    They ported whole rom from Kingzone K1. Kernel is old, September version. Can't disable sim from sim management.
  2. Still 2gb ram, still 1280x720? Is 5.5", fingerprint sensor and a middle class MTK processor supposed to make us swarm to get it? :) Oh, it has Android 5.1, so will F1 soon, big deal.
  3. What slimmed emui? Non crap baidu link possible please?
  4. I would like Infocus Liutao in a friendlier download provider. MEGA or something. Can't download from Baidu anymore.
  5. Try using an app to update the Epo data. Search for "Mt epo gps". This and faster gps as well as playing a bit in ygps with warm,hot,full restart for agps has helped me get gps signal back in roms that had none. Of course restart after using faster gps and mt epo gps.
  6. Doesn't save any settings. Everything resets after exiting the app.
  7. You can see it says P5000. This is probably a port from the CM build for Elephone P5000, which has some basic hardware similarities to F1. How did P5000 get CM? Quote Gizchina: "Elephone are really embracing the development community that has sprung up around their brand, and thanks to private developer efforts 6 new ROM options will be made available for the Elephone P5000. Elephone has stressed that these ROMs are fan made (possibly just to avoid legal action) and will be made available for all Elephone P5000 users to take advantage of very soon. The ROM options include MIUI, Cyanogenmod, EMUI, Touchwhizz, YunOS and stock Android. It appears that each ROM version is built on Android 4.4 Kitkat, but at the current rate of development Lollipop versions should be available soon."
  8. I can tell you where to buy cables with long connectors that will work when you have a thick case on but they are quite short and are charge only, no data. Are you interested?
  9. Gravity Box - Navigation Keys - all the way down is vibration something. Put a value like 1,50 and vibration will be gentle. The 1 is the period of time in ms that vib is off (you need to specify this so I put the smallest value possible). The 50 is the period of time in ms that vib is on. Smaller = less time/more gentle, bigger = more time, stronger.
  10. Needs live wallpaper picker app.
  11. Yes, but not whatsapp/viber received files or downloaded files from browsers that don't offer the option to choose the saving path. All these work in other roms (maucat, L rmg, vanilla I think). If the phone doesn't restart after you choose sd card in storage settings then something is wrong.
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