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  1. Greywolf Ghost Well it's really my sister in law that wants the tune. I only know the title. I don't know what bit she want's, or indeed if she wants the whole song. I'll have to ask her. A friend of mine has a YMO album, but it's on vinal, not CD. If it was, i could convert it myself.
  2. I'm still looking for "Yellow Magic" by the YMO. Can anyone do this as a ringtone for me Please...
  3. Has anyone got 'Yellow Magic'. It's by The Yellow Magic Orchestra. Spent hours looking, but I can't find anything on the net.
  4. Just... Thanks for the link. Got them. COOL.
  5. Hello. Done a search on this but did not get any results So, does anyone have or know if I can get a talking dalek ringtone or sms message alert for my spv-c500
  6. If HTC know theres are problem with dust getting in the C500. Why do they £15 charge to fix it,Surely it should be a FREE repair
  7. Should'nt this be asking this qustion in one of the the Sony Ericsson forums like Esato?
  8. I downloaded the trial version from Handango. Only played 3 matches out of the allowed 10 and then it would not let me play any more. I uninstalled the game, thinking it had crashed and re-downloaded installed it but it still wont let me play, I keep getting the "Trial version is limited to 10 matches of 6 ball...ect, ect " screen. Whats happened?
  9. Surely the fault must lay with HTC, after all they built the bloody thing and they must know about the dust problem. They should have sorted this out ages ago. If anyone knows of a DIY fix they done themselfs lets here about it
  10. Anyone know if the classic 80's game, Defender or even Defender 2 are avaliable for the SPV C500.
  11. I have now got my C500 App unlocked through the Orange developers web site.Whilst I have not installed any home screens as yet, it does now seem to work with third part games ok
  12. It would appear that the appointment alarm dose not repeat itself when it goes off, if you ignor it it will just play the length of the WAV file and then stop,unless of course you use the snooze option. I left mine after it went off (about 5 min) without selecting snooze and it has not gone off again.
  13. Silly me, I found out how to change the sounds in the sounds menu and there is a snooze option you can choose when the alarm goes of useing the right soft key. I've selected snooze, it takes 5 minutes to go off again.
  14. I find the appointment reminder defult sound on my C500 some what silly and and theres does not seem to be a repeat alarm function (say after 5 minutes) option. Is there any way to set a new sound and a repeat for the appointments.
  15. Muff done SPVinvaders & SPVman. Maybe he can do SPVGalaxians, now that would be way cool
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