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  1. i just hope these last a lot longer than casio watches.
  2. this sometimes occurs when you use a charger other than the one that comes with the phone.
  3. sainsburys is one, i think. three should be good. they are usually good outdoors (urban). rural areas i cannot tell. they offer 4g as standard too.
  4. i believe old plans will remain the same, only the new ones will have the cap and what not.
  5. i think you will be better off with 3 or alternatvely take out a contract for under £15 if you really require data. have you had a look at the giffgaff offerings?
  6. if you require a dual sim phone have a look at the various samsung and sony offerings with dual sim. these represent value for money.
  7. nice animation. will be uploading it to my smart phone.
  8. tarquino

    MMW 76 - G man!

    im with you on your thoughts about the lg g3.
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