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  1. I have already tried but with no success, otherwise thanks
  2. jobmarva

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Thanks for the post, but i need some help i am unable to root huawei mediapad 7 s701 please help me runs on Jellybean 4.1.2 help please
  3. Help me root my huawei mediapad 7 youth please people
  4. Hi would u be able to help me root my huawei mediapad 7 youth? Just tried to post but no one responds to my comments please help me
  5. jobmarva

    Huawei mediapad 7

    Help me please
  6. jobmarva

    Huawei mediapad 7

    Hi people lets talk about mediapad 7 youth, its been unsuccessful for me trying to root, please help me root this tab, just used the procedure 9n other forums for ICS but unsuccesful on my jellybean vesion, please help me
  7. Hi i tried to root my mediapad but with no success, it using andoid version 4.1.2 n its s7 701u, help please
  8. jobmarva

    Huawei mediapad s7 701u

    My media pad is s7 701u please help me
  9. Hi who can help me root my huawei mediapad7 youth and find a custom rom by cyanogen mod 11, i am currently using android version 4.1.2, tried to use the method for huawei mediapad ics rooting which dint work. Help me please. I will be so greatfull
  10. Hi Dazzozo, thanks for the good job but was just requesting if 7 may guide us on rooting and upgrading huawei media pad youth s7 701u/w to android version 4.4.4 coz currently am using 4.1.2 jelly bean. Please n thanks in advance
  11. Hi people sorry to ask but requesting if you could help me get a custom rom for huawei mediapad youth s7 701u and the rooting procedure. Otherwise thanks for the great work.

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