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  1. Kernel from 1/12 works nice with cm11.
  2. Playstore works great after clean install. First, i restored all google account data and i had playstore broken pics. After clean install it's ok.
  3. If on dalvik newest Mourta's baby is beast, on ART is monster. Over 7700 in quadrant. Have to test it longer.
  4. Hmm, something went wrong. Huge battery drain. Have to inspect what is the problem
  5. Sry, sync was off. One thing, tegra overclock cant properly set gpu. I want 416 and it sets to 328.
  6. Mourta, You created a beast now. 0% over night. Wifi on, sync on. I have to try gps and i need no more :D
  7. After flashing kernel ( of course Yours ) it seems to be fine. I had to wipe all again and this time did not restore google stuff from google account. So far it's ok. Fast as hell :D
  8. I cant run camera at all. When i try to open it instantly fc. Another thing, all cores are online all the time. Tried to power off and than turn on. Nothing helps.
  9. No, no. Native apk camera. And i tried other from play store, same thing.
  10. Edit. Camera apk is fc all the time.
  11. Hi Mourta. 2 cents from my usage of newest ls baby. 1st: all 4 cores are still online, 2nd: "broken" pictures of google play store. Full wipe as you said. Thx for your great work.
  12. So 24k antutu without oc you say snd screenshot tells me something else. I dont know you, so tell me ( us ) what is your rom?
  13. New version so far so good. No deaths under charger. Smooth, fast. Ty Mourta. Edit. Damn. After full charging, all seemed ok. I couldnt wake up my phone but someone could call me. I heard a ringer but couldnt answer. Black screen.
  14. No, im on dalvik. Im gonna test art now. Btw, another charged death. Damn, previous rom version was free from that.

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