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  1. Hi my friend ! Where you hurry so? Do not like a CM11? Sorry. Tapatalk make 2x post
  2. Hi my friend ! Where you hurry so? Do not like a CM11?
  3. Hello. I have a question. This program creates the bootloader code? Or you take the other somewhere. When I took my phone code huawei site.
  4. I never had this problem. Maybe it's the signal. I had another phone with a rom modified by me, and all the same application sms I used, and no one noticed me this problem.
  5. I do not think it is a bug. I wait more time for charging complete. I solved the problem with syncing contacts :) I'll do year update soon[emoji111]
  6. shame that I dropped this phone :(( good looks this ROM
  7. I keep them on the SIM card and bag them, pull them out when I feel like it. I have not used and will not use sync with google account because I do not like and I am very much confused. When my phone broke I got a phone that is not smart and he could not have google account so I did not have contacts. Since then they keep on sim or do I create a backup.
  8. like google translate. I Do not Know How You Can Fix It Because They are not expert in theming. Sorry
  9. AA9

    [ROM] *A-ROM by AA9* [ROM]

    I like to be friends with everyone.
  10. I did not know because it does not use synchronization. Thanks you said. If we encounter other problems , notify to me.
  11. I understand :) Thank you again for this information :D ;)

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