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  1. Guys, its probably best if you forget the issues I brought up as my device seems to be a broken mess as of now. I rebooted my phone just yet and there were a number of quite serious defects happening: the vibration I have turned on when hitting a softbutton stopped to work, the backlight of those buttons stayed dark and the home button stopped to work at all and I wasn't able to turn the screen off anymore (although the reboot menu managed to show up). Once I rebooted, the phone hang at the LG logo. On a third reboot the issues were still there. I will just get rid of this device and look for something new. Thanks once again for sharing your work and your support Mourta and take care!
  2. Yes, I'm aware of his point of view on restoring app data, but I strongly believe that this problems can't be related in any way - the strange boot behavior happens before Android even booted.
  3. Yup, I wiped data cache and dalvik when I did the LS install - I don't think wiping system is necessary. I restored app and system data with Titanium Backup the way I usually do :). I never once had a problem with my methode.
  4. I'm using latest official version of TWRP (I believe maybe?). I believe I tried all of Mourtas kernels and the issue with the charging animation not working was present with the last kernel as well, but Mourta confirmed that he simply forgot to include the animation. The problem that I can charge the battery only to 93% was also present at least in the kernel before the latest one.
  5. I'm absolutely sure I got the latest version of both LS and kernel and I re-downloaded the kernel and compared the MD5 with the previous download - they were the same, so there was no need to flash the kernel again. I now tried with a different charger and a different battery (an extended one from Onite) and the results are as follows: 1 time stuck at LG logo, 3 times "boot into black screen" (yeah, again
  6. Lol nope mate, my hat is solar powered so it doesn't need a charger. Well, this is quite strange, reminds me of the issue I used to have with the "booting into black screen" that you couldn't reproduce either. I'm using a replacement battery that may be a fake LG battery - maybe that is making these issues? I can only charge it to 93% as well, after that it will just not go higher in capacity.
  7. Thanks Mourta! Your work is the reason I haven't sold my device months ago and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm barely using this phone as of now, but I noticed that the "fastboot charging animation" still isn't working with the latest kernel and ROM, although you said it was fixed. I can't imagine doing anything wrong - I put the charger in while the device was shut down and it kept stuck at the LG logo. I tried 2 times after which I booted Android to charge the phone. Would be awesome if you could look out for that on your next release as I'm really loving that animation
  8. Happy new year to you as well Mourta - and all others too! I don't really understand why you don't want ppl to talk about the "nightlies", but me personally I don't care about them at all, cause they are just snapshots of probably broken code.
  9. OMG me neither! Thats the issue when only the thread title gets updated. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Since I opened some apps, there will have some data been generated, but I didn't restore any - yet ;). I have sent you a PM with a Dmesg that captures the event.
  11. @Marek: not for me. Mourta, the problem with the occasional boot into a black screen still persists after a few reboots but I am sure it will settle eventually during development. And no, I didn't restore anything, but I can't think of any way that could cause problems if it's only app data. Thank you for your support!
  12. Coming from a clean install including wipe, issues I encountered so far: many, but not all, app icons in Play store are glitchy; maybe 1 out of 3 times, the phone will boot into a black screen coming right after the LG logo; when plugging in the charging cable when the phone is turned off, it will not boot into the charging animation, but the LG logo is displayed constantly. Performance wise I am very, VERY pleased!
  13. Have you tried installing the ROM after wiping?
  14. Mourta, could you please drop a line in your threads when you post a new version? It would help me, and probably others as well, to spot a new version more easily. Thank you! EDIT: by dropping a line I mean making a new post like "new version up guys, have fun!"
  15. Thank you for your continued work Mourta, it's much appreciated! I'm looking forward to a stable version of this kernel.

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