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  1. OK did a full restore and the reinstalled the CM11 ROM.No it will install thenightlys no problem. But I am having a problem. When scrolling through facebook and once I get to a video the phone Reboots. And this happens all the time. Any ideas guys?
  2. ok I see whats going on. when I boot in to recovery mod and tell it to load the new update it will start and then after a few sec is will just reboot the phone and will not apply the update any help please update: I and going to try a few thing s like restore to stock and then install the current version of CM and see what happened will let you know
  3. I just noticed that I installed the lastest nightly cm-11-20140726-NIGHTLY-u8833 but when I check the build number on the phone cm-11-20140722-NIGHTLY-u8833. is this normal
  4. Is there a way that maybe you can build an updater app like the one that I use on my Nexus4,7 and Galaxy Nexus that will check and then if there is an update it will download it. I know that this is the lazy man way but I thought I would ask. or if there is one already out there
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