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  1. yup i will release a new update this week so stay tuned
  2. my work is complete , Nebula rom is cooked

  3. Here's my ROM - Nebula cm11 - http://www.modaco.com/topic/373107-rom-443-g510y300-nebula/?p=2220906
  4. this rom is 4.4.4 i have fixed the gallery error in which pictures were never displayed i have fixed the clock app error and also the camera error which happens sometimes ( the flash never turns off ) and the lockscreen off death error ( device when locked never opens , stuck at black screen )
  5. Battery life is modest , a bit more then CM 11. Gaming performance Good !! tested with left for dead 2 , clash of clans and candy crush saga . Use GLtools for best gameplay. Video playback smooth , play with mx player (free/pro) UPDATES - 2/8/2014 - added init.d tweaks , added new boot animation and added build.prop tweaks
  6. NEBULA ROM get buckled up for embracing the most stable cm 11 rom out there so i've been using dazzozzo's CM 11 for a few months and i have encountered a few major bugs which were pretty trouble some for day to day life . thats why i have created this ROM , i have tried my best to remove any bugs . if you love'd CM 11 ( all credits go to dazzozzo ) .then you'll love NEBULA . Base Information - based on latest CM11 as of now - superuser in settings - init.d supported - data\app also supported - build.prop tweaks for faster scrolling , faster video streaming ,best jpeg quality , best video quality , video recording quality . - init.d tweaks added DOWNLOADS - - ROM ( flashable zip ) :- DOWNLOAD - Gapps package - DOWNLOAD - CWM recovery - DOWNLOAD Tested Mods - Cm Pure Performence X - DOWNLOAD INSTALLING - - reboot into recovery mode - wipe data\factory reset - wipe cache and dalvik cache - install NEBULA rom - install Gapps package - flash any mods that you like - reboot and roll SCREENSHOTS Credits - dazzozzo for porting CM 11 to our devices Sorry for delay . TOTAL OVERHAUL IS GONNA BE RELEASED IN MARCH -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Did configure the internet configuration APN . Settings>mobile network setting>access point names .
  8. OK here you go download this :- https://mega.co.nz/#!wUdGmRQR!EYQS0zftsiKQhd8f9oKpKnSQe21vMBqZtxolHJZi9Xk put it in your memory card . wipe data / factory reset , dalvik cache . now flash it !!! Voilla Hope it helps
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