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  1. From my personal experience ; If I play with 520 mhz, my phone becomes a frying pan in a matter of minutes despite excessive undervolting.But with 416 mhz, I'll feel uncomfortable due to heat only after like 40 minutes.And from my experience 416 mhz consumes far less battery life.E.g. I can play asphalt 8 for about an hour on 520 mhz, with 416 mhz it's around an hour and a half screen on time while playing asphalt. The performance gain is just not worth it when battery life/heat is considered This kernel however, ascended from personal use to the public on request so the choice is ofcourse yours to make I don't think it would hurt to release 2 versions, the first one with 520 mhz as default max and other one with 416 mhz default max since people don't even use the other frequencies anyway so it's basically two kernels ; an overclocked version and non-overclocked version
  2. this is very basic info you can obtain by reading but I'll explain anyway you wipe data, system, cache and flash the ROM, after flash the kernel.You will lose your apps, configuration but your photos etc. will remain in sdcard0.
  3. @ViniLima seeing you play asphalt and all, I recommend you to turn 3D scaling off.In 3.1 kernels the scaling is buggy, it sometimes works sometimes doesn't but disabling it gives you a good amount of increase in FPS.Remember to turn it off when not gaming though, it's a battery killer when it's on at all times.GPU scaling is fixed and works very fine in 3.4 kernels though
  4. I'm not sure for this version but on euphoria OS you can get just any kernel to work (you get a black screen at first but a reboot fixes it) . Either way, I recommend that you use the kernel that comes with the ROM until a newer kernel is released as those kernels will be more bugfree (atleast in lollipop) as they were released together with the ROM.Even in euphoria, using another kernel causes weird mounting issues such as every picture in gallery having a duplicate with the same name etc.
  5. Same situation here.Despite 100% usage it would never scale to 1.5 ghz AFTER all cores are turned on (it can scale just fine until last core is turned on).Which then causes lags. Mourta said it was about cpufreq.It should probably be fixed in the next release.I had the bug in interactive/ondemand both and switching minimum to 1.5 ghz did indeed set it to 1 ghz.This bug is rare, not everyone experiences/notices it but it is most notable when freezes occur and even easier if you have a cpu monitoring program. I experienced this in p880 dev based ROMs, liquidsmooth by mourta and a few ROMs that were based on cm11 nightlies.Sometimes rebooting, waiting for the system to calm down and then locking the screen fixes the bug temporarily but yeah this isn't practical in daily life so 3.1 is a better idea. Note that 3.1 does not have such issues so it will scale just fine on 1.5 ghz, stick with abyssplug for better battery life.It also has no loss in performance and actually performs better than other governors scaling-wise. yes yes yes yes, tried trickstermod, kernel tweaker together and seperately and even changing the settings manually, still the same bug
  6. @laufersteppenwolfT The funny part is my friend, any grouper based ROM that is not based on your sources but based on adam's work are as fine as the official ones.So there is some reading you have to do indeed. I can remember telling you to talk with adam on how to fix it but it is obvious you didn't do your reading yet you show up here tell others to do their reading. This ROM is based on adam's sources mainly.And how is it only you working on grouper blobs all by yourself? Because if that was the case any grouper blob based ROM would be as bad as yours.Taking all the credit like your wannabe developer friend demetris huh? Have you tagged your name on commits you took from other developers like he did too? Hmm what do I see here? It writes 'stable'? Oh wait it can't be your thread because you would never type stable for a ROM in which apps don't even launch. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2609285 vanir http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2551006 cm11 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2625676 nameless I'm too lazy to find more of those and any dev databased threads of yours include "stable" term in it.
  7. @laufersteppenwolf "Fact is, if the kernel is working the compilation process of a ROM doesn't care about the kernel at all. And if the kernel is broken, well, then you have to fix the kernel but even in that case the way you compile a ROM still doesn't change a bit" I'm pretty sure that Mourta implied that the ROM needs (a) special flag(s) to work with the kernel, not sure if this was for future versions or this kernel but mourta should have more info on this. Stop putting all the blame on Giuseppe, he is just trying to clarify things up.I'd also suggest you to read more on how to compile ROMs that work properly without half of your applications crashing constantly.Otherwise it might just end up the other way around ;) What I don't get here is, why are you guys poking here at modaco? Mourta left XDA just to get away from You and share his work somewhere quiet. @Mayaz You are bitching and whining he doesn't make his code public, creating drama helps him do that?
  8. Abhi, I've been doing some testing on core management and Imo it scales up too agressively, talking about this kernel and most of the kernels out there and having less cores on really helps with battery life, more than underclocking. You are right about it draining battery life.Most of the time cores just all turn on running on 1.5 ghz only to scale down a few seconds later, wasting a good amount of battery life. E.g. switching to an app from recents turns 4 cores on.While this does require some processing power, same task can be done with 2 cores on @ 1.5 ghz while saving a lot of battery life considering android users always multitask and recents is used quite a lot.2 Cores are enough for UI smoothness, 3rd and 4th should only be turned on for heavy tasks that would otherwise lag/have low performance with only 2 cores running. Also there are the cases where 4 cores turn on with around 22% usage only to scale down after a few seconds (possibly due to CPU governor reacting after cpuquiet) So maybe there could be a special configuration where 3rd and 4th cores are harder to turn on than 2nd.I think runnable had some settings on this, I'll have the time to play around with it next week.If I remember correctly stock ROM scaling behavior is like this.But it was barely any good in games, 3rd and 4th would barely turn on, causing lags.It needs to be configured carefully.
  9. Just a side note, QR codes cannot be read in grouper blob (used by p880 dev sources) based ROMs.You might get lucky to get it read.I'm using neoreader and after a few restart of the app while the camera is pointed towards the code it detects it.Sometimes even at the first try
  10. ottomanhero

    [SCRIPTS][UPDATED!]Personal collection of tweaks[V2]

    UPDATED TO V2. As it's difficult to maintain the same thread on 2 different forums (it's not as easy as copy pasting over, there are incompatible things between the two froums) this thread will be maintained in XDA.I may however updated it if I have the time later on. http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/development/tweaks-personal-collection-scripts-t2937573
  11. You are going to be the only reason I'll be keeping this phone ;)
  12. I'm not gonna blame you for not reading through 10 pages of this thread but you could atleast use the search button. Yes it'll be in future versions, you can find info on it in almost every page.
  13. Great work Mourta, those are exciting news :)
  14. A side note on double tap to wake, it doesn't even work properly.Your phone's CPU has to be online (no deepsleep, horrible battery life) plus after enabling it then a few reboots, your touchscreen stops working until you disable it (I did it by flashing another kernel)
  15. Problems with play store are related to the ROM being bult with GCC 4.9 and has been reported before

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