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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ib6f4gjwxh71b6i/AOSP_MOD_%2828.02.2015%29.zip Here is
  2. Works for 1 photo, after that, Crash! is with this build, previous builds no have this problem
  3. In other forums there is something called NO GAPPS PROJECT, they speak about maps and other things, you should search and give a try!
  4. Guys, you can flash the new build?? me not! just stuck in Patching system.....
  5. A question friends... im the only who have problems with the camera?? it crash when click the button to take photo.. it works fine on 3mpx setting but no in 5mpx... i have y300
  6. i just install the rom, go to internet, google, aptoide, download and no more! NO GAPPS, that EAT memory, battery, and happiness (well, this just applies on low phones, like the y300).. so thats one little trick to get best on our phones.. sorry for yotube, maps, and all that apps that use Play Services to work... and i do that with other roms... (no names here).. 1st post
  7. RT @Vacilandou: #ChavezPartyNightClub "Que ratas, hicieron una rumba y no me dijeron nada. Desde aquí escucho la música" http://t.co/EwOi…

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