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  1. Yes, I did. The clock does work when I did that, and it does do an alarm when the phone is on, but it won't turn the phone on, it just says "one missed alarm". I can use B209 AOSP MOD by H3ROS as I have found that it will turn the phone on, but it would be great to have it turn the phone on in a CM build.
  2. Like the topic title says, are their either any ROMS that contain HwDeskClock.apk (I'm pretty sure that's the alarm app), or is there a way to drop HwDeskClock.apk into an existing ROM so that it can power the phone on when it's been turned off? I know I can use airplane mode, but I'd really like to install a new ROM as my old one is sluggish as heck, but I'd really like to be able to power the phone down and have the alarm turn it on. I did try deleting DeskClock.apk in a CM10 build and drop the HwDeskClock.apk in it's place, but it doesn't turn the phone on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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