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  1. I can can confirm that for me multitasking with Dalvik is a lot better than ART, I got constant freezes when using ART while multitasking
  2. For me The newest release with the new kernel "14-8" is a lot better especially when multitasking, Still the heat problems persists but the lags and freezes are pretty much fixed. Some times the become unresponsive when locking the screen after heavy work load but that doesn't occur usually. Its getting better and better keep it up
  3. Are you facing any lags/freezes when multitasking?
  4. TheSonic

    To answer user questions all in one place.

    Thanks for your great efforts. I was experiencing some UI freezes when using your previous ROM/12-8 Kernel, Is that fixed on the latest ROM release?
  5. That is exactly what I am facing when multitasking Facebook/browser/music/messenger I get a sudden freeze. while the RAM is around 800 MB and CPU is not utilized at first I thought it was swapping due to lack of memory but it isn't
  6. Not at all, I am using abyssplug V2 / balanced / row with LS and for the Stock I am using the defaults, Same applications are installed using ART for KK and the default for stock
  7. I did a couple of tests regarding to the CPU temperature using app called "Cpu Temperature" comparing stock ROM "Zaiben RC15" with LS ROM with Mourta's 14/8/14 Kernel: Idle Temp: Stock=27 - 31 LS=37 - 40 Load Temp "facebook Idle screen on": Stock=37 LS=47 Load Temp facebook/browser/messanger/Monument Valley game lvl 1: Stock=44 AVG LS=57 and for the battery Idle for 10 hours "Loss": Stock=2% LS=0% Screen On "can't be accurate" Stock=2 h 40 min LS= 2 h 56 min My opinion: over all LS in incredibly fast for the initial use and getting slower over time with extreme lag when using the stock browser along with facebook "May be ART is the cause of this", I guess due to high temp and battery life is great, Stock doesn't provide that high performance but a stable performance over time its doesn't get slower over time or freezes with avg battery life
  8. TheSonic

    To answer user questions all in one place.

    will you add the kernel in the ROM?
  9. Will you release the ROM soon? ,, Can't wait until I try both :) and would be great if the kernel is included with the ROM
  10. Thanks for your reply, Can you please give us some hints about which CPU and Cpuquiet governors to use? or the governors you are using for testing
  11. I am using your ROM/Kernel I got the phone overheat and unresponsive after 30 min of intensive use and I have the CPU max clock set to 1300 / abyssplug
  12. I am using the stock ROM "Zaiben RC14" right now to compare the battery/performance when the phone is under load ,, I will submit my feedback by the end of the day
  13. I was playing a game for 15 min and after that facebook/facebook messenger for another 15 min. I didn't undervolt my CPU only set max frequency, What about you?

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