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  1. I wonder how no one have noticed that the battery indicator on the screenshot with 5 hours screen on time is on 70%, so 5 hours with only 30% battery used... on P880.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  2. Yes, ROM starts acting weird, freezes a lot and in general becomes really slow and jittery.
  3. Go to: Settings, Security, Owner info. Check Show owner info on lock screen and type your text below
  4. -try raising Max Screen Off in Trickster Mod -Vibration multiplier prolongs vibration (it lasts longer, it's not stronger) - In ViperFX in options select Moderate in UI Settings and You'll have Output Gain which You can raise, - I don't have that problem. Maybe You just caught the wrong moment if Your brightness is set on auto...
  5. Governor: abyssplugv2 TCP Congestion control: westwood I/O Scheduler: row
  6. Use PA gapps 4.4.4 mini or micro whichever You prefer
  7. This doesn't even deserve a comment...
  8. I sync my contacts with Facebook, so I use images that other people post. I can only crop them, not make them bigger, plus I would have to do it manually for a lot of people which is really not the point... ;)
  9. I'm not sure if CM has voice dialing or not, but on the other hand it's supposed to have call recording... ;)
  10. I have changed the settings, the problem is with cropping of original contact pictures. I'll attach the screenshots of original contact picture, LS dialer and CM dialer so You understand. First one is CM dialer, and the last one is LS.
  11. No. Maybe the problem is in the fact that LS is odexed and CM is deodexed, but I'm too much of a noob to be sure... :)
  12. Hi Mourta, I hope third is a charm :) I really think that both Your kernel and LS are great, and I definitely want to stick to it (that's why I'm being this annoying). It would be really great if You could use incallui and dialer from Official CM since it crops contact pictures perfectly. On this dialer, when my brother calls me, I can see one eye, part of the nose and some hair :) P.S. I would very much appreciate it even if You don't want to deal with this, If You would at least then tell me to bugger off, so I know that my post are not written in invisible ink... :D
  13. Once again, I have no idea if it is a big problem or not (hope not :)), but could You please consider using incallui and dialer from official CM since they made some real improvements with cropping of contact pictures, plus I have read that call recording is also implemented. Being a noob as I am, I have tried to replace Dialer, incallui and TeleService and I deleted odex files (since Official CM is deodexed) and all I got was a phone without stock dialer, no incall ui and no signal... :blush: .
  14. @Mourta Great work on both ROM and kernel, and BTW, You are totally right, xposed framework made the ROM completely unusable. Once I uninstalled it, ROM started working fast again. One of the main reasons I was using it is an option in Gravity box to disable power menu on lock screen. It would be great if You could add this to Your ROM. Also Official CM has finally made a dialer and incallui that doesn't crop contact pictures to much. I have no idea if it's too complicated, but it would also be cool if You could switch to Official dialer. Thanks in advance and thank You also for Your great work so far. :)

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